Created a register of spaces to accommodate the creations that would be dismantled after the Salone del Mobile

The installations conceived during the Design Week will contribute to making Milan more beautiful and attractive all year round.


The Municipality has in fact established the first register of “Diffuse design spaces” and invites private operators to donate objects and design furniture used during the Salone week, destined to be dismantled or destroyed, to permanently relocate them to the city, from the suburbs in the center.

In practice, the Municipality with this provision tries to respond to a need of operators so that the many installations that characterize the design week are not just an exercise in style for designers and architects but a concrete opportunity to redesign the city and the aesthetics together of many of its elements of urban furniture: from benches to squares but also parks, play areas and common areas in general.

The spaces ready to host the installations are already many: from Base, in Via Bergognone, to the Milan Luiss Hub, in Via D’Azeglio, passing through the Shared Gardens.

The Design Week thus becomes a resource to enrich Milan not only for a limited period but for the whole year.
To register “Diffuse spaces of design” will be able to register all public or private subjects that have in management or in concession public or private spaces for public use such as: shared gardens, associative spaces, places of culture, etcetera.
Those who subscribe to the register have no obligation to accept any donation but will be able to evaluate the installation most suited to their needs.