When clubs reopen?

In some countries, festivals and clubs have already reopened: in Australia, India and Mexico, for example. With all the necessary precautions, even in Florida something has moved. Obviously we are referring only to outdoor locations, where the climate of late spring if not already summer: they certainly helped. In Great Britain, discos could reopen by the end of June, when we will enter the so-called fourth phase, as planned by the British government: it is understood that the previous three will have to function with the same precision that every day accompanies the change in the country. In London Fabric and Ministry of Sound expect their reopening by the end of June.

In Ibiza for now we only talk about the closing party (Amnesia, mid-October), but everything is silent about the reopening, as well as International Music Summit (also in Ibiza) and Sónar (Barcelona) have already made an appointment next year, for this year we do not talk about it. At the end of August, the calendar includes three of the largest electronic music festivals at the same time: Tomorrowland, Creamfields and Mysteryland. Events with 200,000 admissions each: if giants of this level communicate their regular progress, it means that their forecast estimates lead us to believe that by the end of the summer we will be getting closer and closer to returning to a normal life.

What will be the future of nightclubs after the covid?

Always remaining in Italy, the open-air clubs are confident that they will be able to open by this summer: lightly at the beginning and intensifying programming and special guests if not in July, from August onwards.

In these days the SILB (the Italian Syndicate of Dance Venues) is presenting to the Government a protocol to reopen in safety, protecting workers, entrepreneurs and consumers, a text drawn up together with other trade associations, namely A-DJ, Club Festival Commission and SILS (Italian Union of Entertainment Workers). The protocol was previously countersigned and approved by Prof Bassetti and Prof Lopalco