We return to dance from 10 July 2020

From Friday 10 July 2020, in accordance with the provisions of the Lombardy Region Ordinance n° 573 of 29 June 2020 ( Update with Region Ordinance n° 590 of 29 July 2020 ), the dance / dance detention returns only in outdoor areas

All indications and protocols that will be followed as per Lombardy Region Ordinance n° 573 ( Update with Region Ordinance n° 580 of 14 July 2020 ) Thank you

We take back our sociality with responsibility, respecting the interpersonal distancing

These indications apply to discos, dance halls and other similar premises intended for entertainment (especially in the evening and at night). For any complementary services (e.g. catering, musical productions, shows, etc.) follow the specific thematic sheets.

■ Prepare adequate information on prevention measures, understandable also for customers of other nationalities, both with the aid of specific signs and signs and / or audio-video systems, and by resorting to any staff assigned to monitor and promote the compliance with prevention measures, also referring to the visitor’s sense of responsibility.
■ Rearrange the spaces, to ensure access in an orderly way, in order to avoid gatherings of people. For the sole purpose of defining the maximum capacity of the room, guarantee at least 1 meter between users and at least 2 meters between users who access the dance floor. If possible, organize separate routes for entry and exit.
■ Provide for a number of employees to monitor compliance with the interpersonal distance adequate for the capacity of the room, as established above. To this end, the use of people counters to monitor access is promoted.
■ To guarantee, if possible, a system for booking, paying for tickets and filling in forms, preferably online, in order to avoid predictable gatherings, and in respect of privacy, if possible keep a attendance register for a period of 14 days.
■ Before entering the workplace, the body temperature of the staff must be measured and, if higher than 37.5 °, the worker will not be allowed to enter or remain in the workplace and will therefore be temporarily isolated from related reporting to the ATS responsible for the area. Similarly, we will take action if during the activity the worker should manifest the symptoms of respiratory infection with COVID-19 (e.g. fever, cough, cold, conjunctivitis).
Body temperature detection is also highly recommended for customers. For detailed provisions, please refer to the provisions of paragraph 1.3 of the Ordinance.
■ The station dedicated to the cashier, where not already equipped with physical barriers (eg screens), must be possibly adequate. In any case, favor electronic payment methods.
■ In wardrobes, clothing and personal items must be stored in special clothes bags.
It is necessary to make hand hygiene products available to users and staff
■ In several points of the areas, providing for the obligation of use by users before accessing and leaving each area dedicated to dance, catering, toilets, etc.
■ With reference to the dance activity, this activity in this phase can only be allowed in the outdoor spaces (e.g. gardens, terraces, etc.).
Users will have to wear the mask indoors and outdoors whenever the interpersonal distance of 1 meter cannot be respected. The service staff must use the mask and must carry out frequent hand hygiene.
■ In compliance with the general indications contained in the catering sheet, in the case of discos, the consumption of drinks at the counter is not allowed.
■ In addition, the administration of drinks can only take place if it is possible to ensure the rigorous maintenance of the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter between customers, who will have to access the counter in an orderly and, if necessary, limited manner.
■ Tables and seats must be arranged in such a way as to ensure that at least 1 meter of separation between customers is maintained, except for people who are not subject to interpersonal distancing according to the provisions in force. This last aspect belongs to individual responsibility. This distance can only be reduced by resorting to physical barriers between the different tables that are suitable for preventing contagion through a droplet.
■ Any items supplied to users (eg bottle openers, ice buckets, etc.) must be disinfected before delivery.
■ Promote the exchange of air indoors. Due to the overcrowding and the residence time of the occupants, the effectiveness of the systems must be verified in order to ensure the adequacy of the external air flow rates according to current regulations. In any case, the crowding must be related to the actual external air flow rates. For air conditioning systems, it is mandatory, if technically possible, to totally exclude the air recirculation function. In any case, the measures for the exchange of natural air and / or through the system must be further strengthened, and the cleaning, with the system stopped, of the recirculating air filters to maintain adequate filtration / removal levels must be guaranteed. If technically possible, the filtering capacity of the recirculation must be increased, replacing the existing filters with higher class filters, ensuring the maintenance of the flow rates. In hygienic services