Milano, Wednesday May 23rd

A tribute to the greatest guitarist in rock history, fifty years after his first and only tour in Italy.

Jimi Hendrix came only once in Italy, in May 1968, to perform with the Experience (bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell) in Milan, Rome, and Bologna.

The concert at the Piper

In Milan he played on 23 May 1968 in that Piper by Leo Watcher, which is now the Old Fashion.
To understand the real historical significance of that concert, it is important to underline that May 1968 is a special period that sees the student movement explode all over the world as a revolutionary cultural movement.
The concert of the “black devil” (as it was pointed out at the time by the press) thus assumes an iconic value in the celebration of that philosophy of “laughter will bury you” intoned loudly by the twenties of the time.

The celebrations of the 50th anniversary

To celebrate that historic date, Triennale di Milano, in collaboration with Old Fashion and in the context of Arch Week (which starts its own on the 23rd, until May 27th) organizes a tribute to Jimi Hendrix with a path that develops from the exhibition Hey Jimi-The Italian Experience 1968 (hosted at the Triennale from 17 May to 3 June 2018: free admission from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 8.30 pm) and ends in the Old Fashion Black Room where the legendary Jimi played in 1968.

Old Fashion will dedicate a tribute to Jimi Hendrix from 8.30pm to 11.30pm with a rock concert in the Garden that faithfully retraces the original lineup of 1968, supported by a video that reconstructs the original event as well as a playlist of his songs proposed by dj remixer.

The Italian Experience of 1968

Hendrix ’68 – The Italian Experience is the new book by Enzo Gentile and Roberto Crema dedicated to the first and only time in which Jimi Hendrix and his Experience ( Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell ) toured Italy, in May 1968, in Milan, Rome and Bologna.

A tour of which there are no audio and video testimonies, but only the indelible memory of those who managed to listen to the “greatest” live guitarist in the history of rock “.
From the book there is also an exhibition with unpublished finds ( in the Triennale from 17 May to 3 June 2018: free entry from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 8.30 pm )

Italian article about the Piper Club ( Old Fashion ) Jimi Hendrix concert


From 08:00 pm till 00.00, the evening program includes films and concerts for the exhibition Hey Jimi.:The Italian Experience 1968 set up at the Triennale.

The projections and live sets take place in the same place, at the same time as fifty years ago, for a testimony of historical and philological value never organized before.

Scheduled a live by Eugenio Finardi (with band), present in Milan that May 23, 1968, then also a spectator at the festival of Wight, 1970, one of the last live appearances of Hendrix: in the repertoire some tributes to the music of Jimi, including Hey Joe and The Wind Cries Mary.
Following, accompanied by the trio of rock blues guitarist Fluvio Feliciano, live performance by Stan Skibby, prodigious guitarist (left-handed) of Chicago, titled Hendrix interpreter.

Guest in some tracks also Pino Scotto, one of the most authentic and passionate Italian rockers.
During the evening, films are also shown for editing with the shooting of several Hendrix performances, and the exact reconstruction of the Milanese lineup.

The evening tribute to Jimi Hendrix at Old Fashion is included in the Milan Arch Week 2018 program.

MILANO,WEDNESDAY MAY 23rd 1968-2018 : Jimi Hendrix in concert . In cooperation with TRIENNALE DI MILANO and ARCH WEEK . Free Admission from TRIENNALE DI MILANO till 08.30 p.m. 

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