Thursday night of Old Fashion Milano

Disco tonight in Milano ?
On Thursday night ,Just Wine combines good wine with fun in the most trendy clubs in the main Italian cities. It is proposed as a reference point for the promotion of our excellences selecting every week the best wines of Italy, strictly DOC. A concept that embodies aperitif, wine tasting and party that has made us famous along the boot and that continues to give us great satisfaction doing us and above all making you have fun.

Music Designers: Christian Martinetti| Martin jay




Just Wine
Admission | Table | Dinner
  • Opening Just Wine
    07:30 till 11:30 pm
  • Opening Ristorante 
    08:00 pm
  • Opening Club 
    11:30 pm
  • Priveé 
  • Closing
    05:00 am
Just Wine
  • Just Wine
    Open bar w/ Buffet : 15 €
  • after 11:30
    20 €
Just Wine
  • Basic
    20 €
    each person w/ 5 € credit to buy bottles after 11:00 pm
  • Prestige
    25 €
    each person w/ 10 € credit to buy bottles after 11:00 pm
  • Dinner
    start 35 € w/admission
  • Magnum and premium  bottles available
Just Wine
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