Milan, cleans skyscrapers and photographs the city

Dimitar, the Instagram star “hanging by a thread”

The character :
Who is Dimitar Harizanov, the flying Bulgarian who has added to his nickname Mitaka the word Neverdead on his Instagram profile?
Dimitar arrived one day from Bulgaria. Big eyes wide open, physique sculpted by years of free climbing, he dispenses photographs of a different Milan, framed by points of observation impossible for anyone, but not for him, metropolitan spider man (, suspended on the skyscrapers of the city.

It is paid to stay eight hours at 200 meters (as on the Allianz Tower), with climbing harnesses, the crash helmet, and the scrub brush in hand.
Performs control tests, takes care of maintenance, sifting every centimeter of the facades because the skyscrapers “are all different from each other” as the inclined roof of the Diamond, which is the most difficult to move on or the Crooked of the Hadid, with its thousand torsions, remains the most complex to interpret while the Allianz, (the Straight), is instead the easiest, even if the highest of all.

But he is also a good photographer. One who when he reaches the top of the tallest building in Milan, sways in the void and extracts his “camera”
Aspiring photographer, videomaker, poet and musician with a specific professionality: “The worker on a rope” is more like a mountaineer than a mason.

Despite the quota says: “From up there I listen to every noise in the city, I look at the details in traffic and in homes: from the Unicredit Tower you can even hear the whispers of people” and on each post of Instagram says that perspective has changed his life .

It is certainly not a job for everyone chosen by Dimitar, because to operate hanging on the two strings hundreds of meters suspended in the air, it requires a special certification (Irata) and in Italy they have it in a few
A certification that has granted him a work out of the ordinary that takes him from Citylife to Porta Nuova and wherever gravity is challenged.

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