The Milan subway becomes contactless

Among the first cities in Europe and first in Italy, it has equipped all 113 stations with a dedicated passage. It starts from today and within three years  to have 80 percent of digital transactions.

The credit card is sufficient in the metro. From today the Milan metro becomes contactless, to access the turnstiles just support the credit card or even an ATM (as long as contactless) to the reader mounted on the turnstile or use smartphones or smartwatch on which the paper was scanned.

The experiment, announced in May when the assembly operations of the readers began, started this afternoon.

Milan is the first city in Italy to use this system and is also one of the first in Europe and in the world, the others are London, Moscow, Singapore and Vancouver.

Already equipped all 113 subway stations, and its 250 turnstiles, a dedicated passage with Pos, in the coming weeks you can have an assessment of how the test is going.

How does it work?

The journey must always start and end with the same support so that the system can calculate the most convenient fare for the passenger.
You do not have to register and you do not pay commissions.

Final goal

The goal is to extend the system to the entire public transport network, including surface vehicles, but for this we must wait to implement the 5g technology, being tested in Milan.

It should be added that in addition to the novelty of the contactless, there is also the increase (already decided) to increase the ATM ticket to 2 Euro from 2019 (less than the Region’s higher allocations)

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