Being a historical place also involves being a memory of events lost in the folds of time itself. Old Fashion was founded in 1933 (even if such an English-speaking name would never have been accepted) and since then it has collected in its memoirs the very changes of the society in which it exists.
An example is May 1968 and his concert by Jimi Hendrix. In a certain sense, the legend of the character overshadows the innumerable guests who in the years Old Fashion has been pleased to host (as Justin Bieber, Madonna, Roberto Cavalli, George Clooney etc etc) and deliver it intact in the memory of those who they were lucky enough to attend what was the only Italian Tour of the great Jimi (after Milan they followed Bologna and Rome)
But let’s see the history of what was renamed as the Hendrix Italian Experience:
(extract from the article by Roberto Brunelli for the Friday of  Repubblica)

“Apparently, hell, something like the apocalypse, as perhaps it was obvious in May of 1968. There were people everywhere, even in the corridors of the baths, even near the stage. for the kind of event. Piper was too small per such event
Hendrix could hardly move, yet somehow he managed to play. The sound system was infamous, and Jimi screamed at his sound engineer: “Eric, what are you doing? Why does nothing work? ” And that, in despair: “I do not know, I do not know.” There was no order service, no one spoke English, the first concert, the one in the afternoon, had been canceled because the instruments had been blocked at the Linate customs, risked the riot.
Leo Wächter (the owner of the venue at the time) “was hysterical and screaming”. At the Italy of the Cantagiro, music clubs, a record chart led by Antoine (The Tramontana) and Patty Pravo (The Doll), Hendrix appeared as an alien, “a monster”, as the press of the time wrote alarmed.
Who was there could not believe their eyes and their ears:
Desire, sweat, blues, psychedelic, voodoo, jazz improvisation, music that seemed to have fallen from an inexplicable sound elsewhere.
“He played behind his head, with his teeth between his legs, really scrambled the poor guitar,” says the photographer Renzo Chiesa, who was there for the first and only time of the Jimi Hendrix Experience in the boot.
If today we know (almost) all of that handful of days lived dangerously we owe it to the music critic Enzo Gentile and the collector Roberto Crema and their Hendrix ’68.

“The Italian Experience”, which will be released in bookstores with Jaca Book on April 26th and which will also be an exhibition at the Milan Triennale with a selection of the materials contained in the book.
Italy, which welcomes Jimi, is still upset by the boom, and completely welcomes the “perfect storm” of Hendrix, brought to our shores thanks to the brilliant intuition of the Italian promoters Massimo Bernardi and Oscar Porri.
With results that seen with today ‘s eye appear at times disconcerting, between insufficient audio systems, the almost total absence of organization, the impossibility of performing a sound – check, but also with many little glimpses of life, often hilarious. Like that of that Pierino who in the total confusion of the Piper steals the purple shirt of Jimi, soaked with sweat (and he screams furiously “motherfuckers!”); the nocturnal excursions of our Fiat 500 by Albertino Marozzi, leader of the Fholks.o politically incorrect titles such as:
“The Negro is playing the guitar with his teeth”, (Giovani magazine on the issue of May 23, 1968). And again: “The ugly with the permanent”, (the rotogravure Dream)
while for Ciao Big the fans are “Crazy for the monster”. “The devil (black) in body”, concludes Men. What remains today is music.

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