Staying Alive aka We are back to Dancing

On 12 October 2020 the Italian Government issued a Prime Ministerial Decree that precluded any form of activity of the venues.
The most “fortunate”, after the halt on 15 August 2020 at the dance, had managed to “get by” (surviving, it seems exaggerated) until that date, only to have to capitulate to the evident worsening of the pandemic curve.
Well, exactly one year later, 11 October 2021 takes on the meaning of the restart date ( with all the limitations we know well ) of the dance activity.
We believe that the dates that from today we will have to remember forever in our world are the fateful 23 February 2020 (closing date of all dance clubs and similar) and 11 October 2021 ( Reopening with limited capacities for dance activities in the locals ) .
Excuse this little personal digression, but we wanted to remember these 2 moments to honor the work that the trade association S.I.L.B. ( Italian Dance Club Syndicate ) uttered in this year of “passion”.
Between hopes, disappointments and a thousand other vicissitudes, we can finally breathe a first sigh of relief and close ranks to go straight like a “Greek phalanx ” and defeat the last feeble resistances that stand between us and the final goal of returning to normality. .
Normality that can only pass through the “Green pass” and responsible behavior on the part of everyone, from managers to the same customers.
The “enemy ” is only one and common to both and is called “Coronavirus“. We hope the divisions between those who have a critical approach to vaccination and those who embrace it with enthusiasm will be overcome by this common goal. This, at least, is the line pursued by Old Fashion since August 6, 2021, when  “Green Pass” became a mandatory tool to access the restaurant (even if we were still only open to the outside).
Obviously we respect everyone’s ideas, but by embracing the green certification, we can only invite you to be in possession of it to access Old Fashion (wearing the protection of the mask, except when dancing or sitting at the table).
We hope to reach 100% capacities and the abolition of masks as the final result in the shortest possible time, convinced that it will also lead to a return to that serenity that this pandemic has cracked (natural consequence of such an extreme and destabilizing situation) in  our lives and social relationships.
First of all : serenity and hope, to return to being cohesive and winning. Thanks to the commitment of all of us ( managers and customers ), the “Night Club with various art numbers” will survive the disastrous events it has had to overcome, in these years that we hope to overcome as soon as possible

Happy Sunday and best wishes to all for this 11th of October which starts at 00:01 this night!
“Staying alive“ 
We are back to dancing!