Tuesday, April 24th

Special opening for the pre-holiday evening

The evening night of Tuesday evening is one of the most deeply rooted traditions of Old Fashion. In fact, the week of openings of Old Fashion starts on Wednesday evening and ends on Monday.

However, the same tradition also sees Old Fashion derogating from its evening of rest if this coincides with a pre-holiday; especially when this falls in a spring or autumn period.
If the two conditions coincide, the decision that prevails is always to open.
And so, even on this Tuesday, April 24, Old Fashion is open from 22:30 to 05:00 in the morning.

The type of admission is always the same:
€ 20 with drink after 01:00 and reductions (€ 15 man and € 10 woman) before then.
The DJs are Christian Martinetti; Martin Jay and Julius Dj Funky.
If the weather allows it, the summer garden will be open.