Milan, at the start: ‘Roseline’, an immersive Hamlet

From New York to Milan the first experience in town of “immersive theater”

No stage, but not even the audience. The spectators roam in a mysterious and immense place where the theatrical piece has to go and search among dark corners, corridors, rooms, ravines and underground.

Cross the gate of Palazzo Calchi Taeggi in Corso di Porta Vigentina and “Roseline”, a fascinating experiment of immersive theater for 100 people created by Paolo Sacerdoti, opens up.

The location

3500 square meters of abandoned area of ​​the building transformed into the location of a very special Hamlet.
Once past the gates of the neo-classical style building, you find yourself in a garden with tables under the trees. Prologue perfect to drink something before venturing inside, after leaving bags and backpacks to the wardrobe and receiving a hooded cloak to donate to contribute to dark atmospheres.

A staircase indicates access, after which all free to go where you want up is down the three floors and the basements set up exploiting the decay: dry branches hanging from ceilings, logs, gravel, puddles, earth, white roses behind cracks hidden, wardrobes, libraries, beds, worn couches, stacked desks, archives, cuts of light in the dark, ruins of a glorious past.

You can touch everything, open the drawers, rummage in the closets, browse the books.

The piece

The Roseline site says about the experience:
“A woman, a place, a book or a show? Roseline is all these things together and none of them Roseline is a flow of events, it is total participation, a force that invades the spaces of your city to completely transform them.
Roseline is neither stage nor audience: the audience is free to cross all the spaces and the actors who live there, to follow a character and explore a location of 3,000 square meters in complete autonomy, looking for a hidden meaning and a invisible plot.
Enter Roseline too and choose from which perspective to look. Once entered, closing your eyes will not help.

Welcome to the only show without spectators. “

In truth, entering and plunging into the same Piece, you hear voices, you see a blond girl running by, or you come across a witch who whispers strange litany coming suddenly behind. You have to decide where to go, who to follow among the mysterious characters that roam the rooms and corridors.
Many scenes are simultaneously in different places inside Roseline that tells the story of a society where a group of homeless people have conquered the power to realize the utopia of a better world.
The Captain is dead, his brother has taken his place and married his wife, the son has gone crazy and plot revenge.
We can glimpse the origin of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in the characters reminiscent of Hamlet or Ofelia and know the works of the Bard help, also because the show is in English, but the real experience is to abandon oneself completely within the scenes and its choreography.
Until June 3rd, from Thursday to Sunday.

Concept: Satch
Story originally developed by: Michele Giuriola
Roseline Milano 2018 Script by: Neil Smith

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