Old Fashion Milano night restaurant, Italian cuisine

Historic night restaurant

The executive Chef Gilberto Baroni, manages the restaurant service of Old Fashion Milano,  from Thursday till Sunday starting at 10.30pm to 00.30am.
The proposed cuisine is Italian with foreign ethnic influences in order to always propose something different and, at the same time, traditional. A wide selection of dishes from both land and sea, with particular attention to vegetarian cuisine, makes the restaurant one of the strengths of the Old Fashion proposal.
Till 03:00 is open the DISCO DINNER with a wide selection of Hamburger  & Fries ( from the most classic till Scottona or Chianina beef meat )

N.B. Admission to the club is included in the price



But what if I didn’t have dinner or did I have dinner early and at 1 am I hungry? Here the Old Fashion kitchen service (open from 10:30 to 03:00) also offers a wide selection of Hamburger & Fries ( from the most classic till the Chianina or Scottona beef meat ) and dishes such as pasta or risotto, meat and fish for a late dinner ( precisely: Disco Dinner) listen to music, dance, and have dinner accompanied by everything from wine, champagne, or more. it is a sort of return to the past, which Old Fashion knows well, given that it was its offer in the 60s, to project itself into the new dimension of clubbing in the near future (at least for the most imminent one)

A table thus becomes a happy island where I can have everything I need to spend a pleasant evening with friends. This is the new concept with which Old Fashion intends to redesign itself in sync with the new times and behaviors.

Disco dinner is the latest evolution of continuous fluidization of the times of our day which takes on different aspects from the past in this era of digital and the crisis we are going through. The archaic division between Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner has given way to distribution much more adaptable to our needs or needs. which sees its climax in the disco dinner late at night.
In addition to the restaurant service (from 10:30 pm to 00:30 am ), Old Fashion also offers a disco dinner at your table from 00:30 to 03:00 in the morning.
Hamburger & Fries ( from the most classic till the Chianina or Scottona beef meat ), spiced Shisha and tea, pasta, meat or fish, listening to excellent music and dancing.


  • 10:30 – 00:30: Night restaurant € 35 (with wine)
  • 22:00 – 05:00: Shisha Lounge starting from 30 € with table
  • 00:30 – 03:00: Disco Dinner starting from € 10  at the table
  • 10:30 – 05:00: Dancing Club
35,00 €
  • Appetizer
    Rolls of Carne Salada from Trentino with Montasio from Friuli
    Stuffed courgette flowers au gratin in the oven
    Tartare of red prawns and strawberries
    Octopus salad with Mediterranean potatoes
  • First courses
    Risotto with seafood
    Genoese  Trofie (Typical pasta from Genoa area )
  • Second courses
    Sea bass fillet in a zucchini crust
    Mixed vegetables
    Strips of beef fillet with porcini mushrooms
    Rosemary potatoes
  • Dessert
    Cooked cream with strawberries
    Lemon sorbet
    fruit salad
  • One bottle of wine each 4 persons


*Some food could be frozen depending of the season and availability


till03:00 am

10,00 | 15,00 €
Hamburger & French fries
    Hamburger beef meat 150 gr | Bread | Salad | Mayonese sauce |  Tomato | Cucumber  + French fries on the side
    10 €
    Hamburger beef meat 150 gr | Bread | Salad | Mayonese sauce |  Tomato | Cheddar cheese + French fries on the side
    10 €
    Hamburger beef meat 150 gr | Bread | Salad | Mayonese sauce |  Tomato | Cheddar cheese | Bacon + French fries on the side
    10 €
    Hamburger beef meat ANGUS USA 200 gr | Bread | Salad | Mayonese sauce | Ketchup sauce | Bacon | Mozzarella cheese | Zucchini grilled + French fries on the side
    15 €
    Hamburger Iberic pork meat 200 gr | Bread | Salad | Bacon | Cheddar cheese
    15 €
    Hamburger Beef meat SCOTTONA ( Italy ) 200 gr | Bread | Valeriana salad | Barbecue sauce | Pomodorini | Speck | Smoked Scamorza cheese + French fries on the side
    15 €
    Vegan Burger 150 gr
    | Bread | Vegan Mayonese sauce | Salad |Tomato | Zucchini grilled | Eggplant grilled + French fries on the side
    10 €
    Buffalo meat Hamburger 200 gr | Bread | Whiskey sauce | Tomato | Caramelized chives | Bufala mozzarella cheese + French fries on the side
    15 €
    Chicken breast 150 gr | Bread | Salad | Tomato |Mayonese sauce | Fontina cheese + French fries on the side
    10 €
    Hamburger CHIANINA beef meat 200 gr | Bread | Misticanza salad |Mayonese yogurt sauce | Zucchini grilled | Bacon | Cheddar cheese + French Fries on the side 
    15 €
    Sea Brass Hamburger 160 gr | Bread | Rucola salad | Mango | Habanero Avocado | Tomato + French fries on the side 
    15 €

10,00 €
  • Mixed fried italian vegetables
    10,00 €
  • Ascoli olives
    10,00 €
  • Rice balls ( Supplì alla Romana )
    10,00 €
  • Potatoes croquettes
    10 €
  • Courgette flowers ( Fiori di Zucca )
    10,00 €
  • Cheddar’s Jalapenos
    10 ,00 €
  • Camenbert fried
    10,00 €
  • Small Rice balls
    5,00 €


Reception and availability

The restaurant always offers at least the availability of 70 seats served, which can be expanded to 120 in the event of a business or private event.
The Buffet service is for a maximum of 350 people and can be reserved exclusively until 00:30 in the morning ( Service is still prohibited for the meantime).

For information and estimates regarding business dinners and events, please contact Mr. Massimo Seripa at +39 028056231 by Whatsapp at : or by email: info@oldfashion.it