Our Restaurant is open every evening from 9.00 pm to 00.30 am. Italian cuisine revisited in an international key


The Dancing Club opens every night from 11:00 pm till 05:00 am with the best Music Designer for : House – Hip hop – reggaeton – Afrobeat


Whether they are private or corporate events, Old Fashion is undoubtedly the best location in Milan to organize them

Old Fashion Milano night restaurant, Italian cuisine


Historic night restaurant

The executive Chef Gilberto Baroni, manages the restaurant service of Old Fashion Milano, every evening from 8.00pm to 00.30am.

The proposed cuisine is Italian with foreign ethnic influences in order to always propose something different and, at the same time, traditional. A wide selection of dishes from both land and sea, with particular attention to vegetarian cuisine, make the restaurant one of the strengths of  Old Fashion proposal

N.B. Admission to the club is included in the price

Reception and availability

The restaurant always offers at least the availability of 70 seats served, which can be expanded to 120 in the event of a business or private event. The Buffet service is for a maximum of 350 people and can be reserved exclusively until 00:30 in the morning.

For information and estimates regarding business dinners and events, please contact Mr. Massimo Seripa at +39 028056231 or by email:

Booking restaurant

To booking your dinner at restaurant use this “Online Registration”

  1. Choose the number of people 
  2. the date of the dinner
  3. the hour for dinner

Menu example

Tasting Menu

Octopus carpaccio with pachino cherry tomatoes
Tartare Shrimp tails salad with citrus spelled *
Zibello culatello slices with pineapple
Corn pie crust with porcini mushrooms *

Risotto with scallop and pumpkin pulp *
Skinny crepes au gratin baked *

Main Course
Pescatrice in stew *
Beef skewer with balsamic vinegar

Side Dishes
Baked spicy potatoes *
Cauliflower au gratin baked *

Cream caramel

* Products could be frozen

Menu Vegan

Rolls of filo pastry with tofu cream
and aubergines
Mini quinoa hamburgher with vegetables
Pumpkin flowers in tempura
Lamellas of white apples with red turnips and tempeh
Strigoli with topinambourg
Main Course
Dishes of seitan with vegetables
Baked spicy potatoes
Trentino apple in puff pastry
caramelized in the oven

€ 30 / € 35 ( Friday )

(Wine and water included each 4 persons )