And then we went out to see the stars again

Reopening February 11 2022

it is the last verse of the Inferno of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

After having laboriously crossed the natural burella that connects Hell to the beach of the Antipurgatory, Dante and Virgil finally contemplate the starry night sky of the other hemisphere: it is an omen of the new path of light and hope after the previous darkness, ” as pure happiness of the gaze ”

We have chosen this phrase because, following the pandemic and the continuous “stop & go” that the latter has caused in our business, it seems to us the most suitable in hoping that this time the longed-for reopening will be the definitive one.
Obviously, there are still many limitations and rules to follow in order to return “to see the stars”, but Friday 11 February 2022 could really be the deadline for that terrible pandemic that has shaken our entire world so much.

We knew we would be the first to close and the last to start again, but we also believed in that 11 October 2021 and we were thrilled with the enactment of 23 December which required a new stop (first until the end of January and then extended by another 10 days until midnight on Friday 11 February).

Now that the farewell to the outdoor mask would seem definitive with the consequent easing of other forms of restrictions, we find ourselves more than ever in Dante’s words: The end of a long journey in the “hell” of Covid that seems to come to an end.

As it should be remembered, the restrictions in force on 11 October still remain in place, which we report in order to avoid discussions regarding access to the venue:

  • Reinforced Green Pass

as resolved with D.L. November 26, 2021 No. 172, access to places such as Old Fashion (restaurants, ballrooms, theaters, stadiums, concert halls, etc.) is subject to possession of the certification called Green Pass Reinforced.
What is the Enhanced Green Pass?
Until 6 December 2021, entry was also granted to holders of a Green Pass issued after a rapid or molecular swab, starting from 6 December these Green Passes will no longer be valid for access to Old Fashion.
What should the customer do?
For customers, nothing changes since the verification takes place automatically by updating the App Verification C19.
It is clear that it is useless to show up at the entrance if you do not have a regular Green Pass that certifies recovery from Covid or vaccination

For foreign customers:

Vaccination certificates issued by the competent foreign national health authorities, following vaccination with vaccines authorized by EMA or with equivalent vaccines, are considered to be equivalent to the COVID-19 Green Certification.

  • The certifications must contain at least the following contents:
  • identification data of the owner (name, surname, date of birth);
  • data relating to the vaccine (name and lot);
  • date (s) of administration of the vaccine;
  • identification data of the person who issued the certificate (state, health authority).

Vaccination certificates, in paper and / or digital format, must be drawn up in at least one of the following languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish or German.
If the certificate was not issued in one of the five languages ​​indicated, it must be accompanied by a sworn translation.

  • Face mask

It is mandatory to wear a mask to enter the club and wear it anywhere inside except during the dance or when sitting at your table

These are the essential conditions to which Old Fashion (in addition to all the remaining rules and regulations based on interpersonal distancing, reduced capacity and the like) adheres to to allow access to its spaces.

For more info and details, please consult the “ACCESS RULES” section

Thanks for collaboration