How to delete the history that Google and Facebook store on their servers.

Deleting PC history does not imply Google and Facebook delete it from their servers.


It is a fact that Google, Facebook (and other similar services, but here we mainly deal with these two) store the searches on their servers and even if you clean the history on your browser is certain that the data for a consumer profile based on these researches, they remain available to them.
There is nothing wrong with it; indeed it is certainly a help to propose targeted advertising and services, but if you want to proceed with a more thorough cleaning (it is our right) it is good to know the right steps.

How to clear your history from Google

To examine what Google preserves of our browsing we go on ⇒ My Account and access with email and password. Next, scroll and, at the bottom right, click on ⇒ Go to My Activities and then on ⇒ Filter by date & product.

The list of all Google products in which we have searched will appear.
We only select the item ⇒ Search (for example), and choose the date or the date range within the tab ⇒ Filter by date.
We can select ⇒ Always to then click on the top next to the search bar.

Then click on the 3 dots next to the search string and select ⇒ Delete results.
A confirmation window will appear and clicking on ⇒ Delete, the searched items will be permanently deleted.
Inhibit storage

If we do not want to store anything from that moment, let’s go to ⇒ Personal data and privacy / Manage your activities on Google and click on ⇒ Access Activity Manager.
From here you can “turn off” a series of switches for web activities and apps, for location history, information stored on the device and more.

How to delete the history from Facebook

For facebook, the procedure is simpler: click inside the search bar at the top left, we will notice a ⇒ Edit on the right when you open the contextual window.
Clicking it will bring up the complete history of our research and clicking on ⇒ Clear Searches, making sure to confirm, we will delete everything.
It is also possible to delete a single search by selecting ⇒ Edit at his side and viewing the searches year by year.

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