And now the Pizza Museum also arrives.

In Naples? No, in New York

It will be called MoPi and will open on October 13, 2018 in Brooklyn. Temporary, expensive and dedicated to the role that this food has in pop culture around the world.

Americans devour the equivalent of 50 hectares every day, and pizza becomes more and more a cult food and a gourmet fetish as demonstrated by the success in the Little Italy of Manhattan by the Neapolitan Gino Sorbillo, in whose pizzeria even shows the mayor of the Big Apple, Bill De Blasio.

should not be too surprising then the “Pizza Museum”, dubbed MoPi, which will open on October 13 in a still secret place in New York, on the initiative of Kareem Rahma. (and here too in terms of Italianness ….)

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The Museum will allow visitors to “know the history of pizza”, reconstructing its origins and spread throughout the world. And, beyond the recognition of UNESCO as a “heritage of humanity”, it will offer an interactive overview of the role of the dish in pop culture and in custom.

And so at the Museum of Gelato (once again an American idea) is now also added  the Pizza Museum that will be a pop-up initiative, that means, ionly for a certain time, but then check whether it will generate enough profits to remain open.

The admission ticket will cost a lot: $ 35, but will offer the possibility to receive a slice of pizza for free. (Cracco docet ….)

It is no coincidence that MoPi rises in New York: thanks to the strong influence of Italian immigrants, in the metropolis are concentrated 10 percent of American pizzerias, in all more than 61 thousand, and the Museum will try to attract tourists passing through .

The rest of the US, however, follow closely and Americans eat more and more of the Italian delight: 350 slices per second nationwide, 12 kilos per capital per year.

Enjoy your meal!