In via Torino the inauguration of the first store strictly without packaging.

And from 4 to 8 June there is the Ocean Week

At a time when pollution caused by plastics is a growing problem, there is also a growing need to increase efforts to find effective alternatives. According to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, in fact, by continuing this step in 2050, the ocean will host more plastic than fish.

Here is how a giant of cosmetics like Lush decides to open the first store in via Torino 42 in Milan for sale only and exclusively bare, solid and packaging-free products. Obviously strictly fresh and handmade using the best ethical ingredients.

Ocean Week

In the shop in via Torino from 4 to 8 June is scheduled the Ocean week with talk and initiatives: the marine biologist Mariasole Bianco will talk about the vulnerability of the Ocean on the occasion of World Environment Day, MedSharks will invite to the protection of our seas and of beaches to defeat the pollution caused by plastic waste and Sea Shepherd President Andrea Morello will celebrate World Oceans Day telling how the association works to protect and defend marine life.

A good initiative that we thought was right to report.

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