Open Fall / Winter season Old Fashion Milan

With the arrival of October, Old Fashion officially closes the summer season and its garden.

If it is also true that Old fashion is – and remains – a venue with a unique summer garden in Milan ,but it is still important to remember that even in winter it has a particularity envied by many competitors: Old Fashion, in fact, is the only club in downtown of Milan provided with a double room with a double music console.

Not to mention the crystal Dehor in the first room which is equipped with a bar, tables and shisha bars.

Wednesday October 3rd the “Summer Closing Party” was held and from Thursday 4th October the evening’s program is moved inside the venue until April 2019


Appointments and Music:

Old Fashion’s appointments are practically unchanged even for this winter season, with 6 openings a week starting from Wednesday and ending on Monday evening and with only one weekly rest that stays on Tuesday night.

Evening appointments:

  • Wednesday = Internationalweek & University Equipe dedicated to the evening dedicated to the academic world of Milan with the participation of the Erasmus program. The evening starts at 8.00 pm with an aperitif and buffet and ends at 05.00 am the following morning.
  • Thursday = FamilyWine and Aperipiper. The evening begins at 7.30 pm with the Open Wine Tasting formula, where a strictly DOC wine tasting is offered accompanied by our Italian Buffet. The evening continues until 05:00 the next morning.
  • Friday = Mod. The first evening of the Milanese weekend. inspired by the costumes and moods of the fabulous 60s of the London Swing, the evening starts at 8:30 pm with the restaurant and ends at 5:00 am.
  • Saturday = Glam. It’s Saturday night at Old Fashion. The evening starts at 8.30 pm with the restaurant and ends at 05:00 am. Wide selection of music and Glam animation.
  • Sunday = Prime. For years has been the Hip Hop evening par excellence in Milan. The genre Trap, Hip hop and Reggaeton are the masters in the two available rooms.
    Big names and foreign guests for the evening that is in fact a must of Milan night. Opening at 8.30 pm with the restaurant and closing at 05: 00 in the morning
  • Monday = FullMonday. For years the only authentic Monday of Milan. If someone decides to go out on Monday night, Old Fashion is the only place worth attending. Since 1995 it has been on Monday the most “danced” in Italy. Animation and dj set by Luca Bertoni

Schedules and prices for evenings

Old Fashion opens every evening (except Tuesday night for the weekly rest) at 8:30 pm with the Restaurant service. Exceptions are on Wednesdays and Thursdays, which see the opening of the evening respectively at 8.00 pm and 7.30 pm in relation to their aperitif (Erasmus on Wednesdays and Open Wine Tasting on Thursday with Family Wine)

The venue closes at 05:00 in the morning.


Admission prices range from € 10 to € 20 depending on the evening and time, while dinner is € 30 with admission to the disco and the bottles start at € 200 (with the exception of Wednesday and Thursday following prices different).

Find more info in the “prices” section


Surely the 2 highlights of the winter season are Halloween on October 31 and New Year eve on December 31, by occasions ,prices and conditions undergo changes.
For more info please see the two special Halloween and New Year Eve ( soon on line ) .
However, during the season there will be events, parties and DJ guests  will be reported in advance on our social channels and on the site in the “Events” section and in the “News” section.

In conclusion: we are ready to go!