press office
Press office – Raffaella Litro

Press Office

Raffaella Litro takes care of the press office and “benefit” department of Old Fashion Milano, for the numerous voluntary associations that periodically use the structure as a location.

Massimo Seripa

Massimo Seripa is a shareholder of Old Fashion Milano and takes care of the department for commercial business  and major events service of the structure. For any estimate or information is the man who does it for You

Razvan Florin Tamaian

Razvan Florin Tamaian is the manager of Old Fashion Milano. From the catering service, to the corporate event or private party and the management of the Priveè, is able to provide You with the maximum logistic support

Chef Gilberto Baroni cucina italiana
Chef -Gilberto Baroni

Gilberto Baroni is the executive chef of Old Fashion Milano. Specializing in Italian cuisine, he manages to range in various ethnic cuisines to always guarantee an exceptional taste to his dishes


The Old Fashion Team is made up of numerous professionals entirely dedicated to offering you the best experience for your enjoyment.

In this section we wanted to show you some of them; those that represent the peculiarities of the services offered by Old Fashion Milano.

For any information or complaint about our team you can contact us at: +39 028056231 or by email at