Old Fashion Nights

                             In September Old Fashion is open from Friday till Sunday night  


Following the new Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of August 16, 2020, the dance in dance clubs, discos or otherwise similar has been suspended until September 7. The evenings therefore offer the following services:


The opening and closing times  always start at 10:30 pm till 05:00 am .

The ” Door Policy “ of Old Fashion provides for admission only and exclusively to an adult public ( 18 years old minimum ) and provides a series of meticulous checks with the help of ” Metal detector “ used by trained and authorized personnel. For this particular period the admission will be implemented with particular rules by the Ministry of Italian Sanity.

Mask is always mandatory  and we’ll collct names and phone numbers from customer for health tracking !

A restaurant service ( from 10:30 pm till 00:30 am ) and a Late Dinner till 03:00 am with a wide offer of Hamburger & Fries ( from the most classic one till the Chianina or Scottona Beef meat ) and a ” Shisha Bar “ completing the service in a large garden of over 1200 square meters with three equipped bars and numerous areas dedicated to table service.

Here you can find more info about Old Fashion. Here go directly to prices,while here the admission rules to the club

Thursday Night

Old Fashion Milano Thursday night is  PRIME REGGAETON Night starting at 10:30…

Friday Night

Friday Night Old Fashion Milano Footloose*   Night starting at 10:30 pm…

Saturday Night

Saturday night Old Fashion Milano The Saturday night of Milano Saturday night…

Sunday Night

Sunday Night at Old Fashion Milano Hip Hop , Trap and Reggaeton…


The dance is temporarily prohibited