Old Fashion Nights


From Monday to Sunday night (except Tuesday night) Old Fashion Milano is always open throughout the year:

Monday with ” Fullmonday “, the evening that gathers insiders. Wednesday with ” Internationalweek “, the Erasmus evening for over 20 years. Enjoy with “Uptown Nights “, dedicated to the presentation of Italian food and wine excellences. Friday with ” MOD “, the vintage evening that re-proposes the splendor of the 60s. Saturday with ” Glam “ and Sunday with ” Prime Culture “ the night Hip Hop par excellence in Milan

The opening and closing times  always start at 09:00 pm till 05:00 am

To buy your tickets online:

Choose the evening you are interested in and click it, a dedicated page opens where you can find the info, the link to photogallery and tickets for admission, table or dinner.
You can also find the HAPPY PRICE tickets that allow you a promotional entry.

The ” Door Policy “ of Old Fashion provides for admission only and exclusively to an adult public ( 18 years old minimum ) and provides a series of meticulous checks with the help of ” Metal detector “ used by trained and authorized personnel.

For most of the time Old Fashion offers two ballrooms with separate consoles. A restaurant service ( from 08:00 pm till 00:30 am ) and a crystal terrace with ” Shisha Bar “ service. In summer a large garden of over 2300 square meters with dance floor, three equipped bars and numerous areas dedicated to table service.

Here you can find  more info about Old Fashion.Here go directly to prices  ,while here the admission rules to the club



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