Friday December 31 st
New Year’s Eve 2022
Capodanno 2022 31 dicembre 2021

The New Year’s Eve starts from 9.00 pm with the New Year’s Eve dinner, the midnight toast and then with the choreography of the GO-GO dancers.
Can’t miss the cotechino with lentils auspicious at 02.00 h
As is now a consolidated tradition for the New Year’s Eve of Old Fashion we also have a Vegetarian menu (in addition to the traditional one) that we will present shortly

New Year's Eve 2022
Admission | Table | Dinner
  • 21.00 : Galà dinner for New year’s Eve
  • 22.00 : Opening Club
  • 01.00 : Show
  • 02.00 : Cotechino & lentils
  • 06.30 : Closing
Capodanno 2022
Prevendita | Cenone
  • Presale on line : 70 € with 1 Drink
    Without presale : 100 € with 1 Drink at the cashier of the club )
  • Panettone
  • h. 2:00 : Cotechino & lentils
  • Gala Dinner : 180 € ( see the Menu )
  • Tables : Reservation only by  Whatsapp ( +39 3290118343 )


By your presale online



** In case of restrictions due to government anti-pandemic measures, the tickets purchased will be refunded **

New Year’s Eve dinner

including entrance to the Restaurant & Club, 1 skittle (20 cl) of Champagne Moet & Chandon every 2 persons for a toast at the end of the year, cotechino and lentils at 02:00 (please note that the table is valid only until the midnight toast and must therefore be left free; if the after dinner table has also been booked, it is not guaranteed that it will be occupied during dinner)


  • Lingot of bluefin tuna in hazelnut crust and purple potato cream with mullet bottariga sheets*
  • Green apple and mint soup with Mazara del vallo red shrimp*
  • Roll of Fassona and robiola cheese with herbs on toasted chickpeas and pumpkin mustard
  • Seared duck breast on aubergine cream and pomegranate berries
  • Artichoke flan with Parmesan fondue and topinambur chips

First Courses

  • Black salmon and thyme tortelloni with lobster sauce, artichokes and prawn tartare*
  • Vialone nano rice with cardoncelli mushrooms , wild boar and foie gras medallions*

Second Courses

  • Larded Angus fillet on buffalo stracciatella and asparagus cream with black summer truffle*
  • Crispy spiced bolognese potatoes I.G.P. and vegetable muffins


  • Artisan Milanese panettone with soft Chantilly cream


  • Champagne Moet & Chandon Réserve Imperial 1 “Skittle” of 20cl each 2 persons
  • A bottle of wine for every 2 people to choose between Red or White: “Il Bruciato Antinori “or “Greco di Tufo”

*The products could be frozen
The table of allergens is available for consultation

Please read the conditions and rules for accessing the venue in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings