Old Fashion Milano, New Year’s eve 2020


new year's eve 2020 at old fashion milano

Is back one of the most loved theme for New year’s Eve in Milano : Casino Royale

Old Fashion Milano always dedicates its New Year’s eve to celebrations and anniversaries (remember the 150th anniversary of the “Unification of Italy” in 2011, the celebrations for the “Year of the Dragon” in 2012, which promoted the multicultural aspect of Milan, or even 2013 with “the Year of European Citizenship”, the “450th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare” in 2014. “the Year of Light” of New Year 2015 , the celebration of 50 years of the miniskirt of 2016 or the fiftieth anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, for the last new year’s eve ) our choice for this N.Y.E, fell on one of the most loved  “neutral theme ” for the eve : “Casino Royale “
A tribute to the Ragtime period and its excesses !

New Year’s Eve 2020 Milano

New Year's Eve 2020
Admission | Table | Dinner
  • 09.00 : Buffet
  • 09:00 : Roulette & Black Jack
  • 09.00 : New year’s Eve Dinner ( SOLD OUT )
  • 10.00 : Opening Club
  • 11.00 : Ragtime Show
  • 00.00 : Toast to New year
  • 01.00 : Ragtime Show
  • 02.00 : Sausage and lentils
  • 02:30 : Closing Black Jack table
  • 06.00 : Breakfast
New year's eve 2020
Presale | Table | Dinner
  • Presale: 50 € ( SOLD OUT )
    inclusive (by choice ) of:
    Drink + Buffet from 09.00 till 10.00 pm
    2 Drinks after 10:00 pm
    02:00 am Cotechino and lentils
    06:00 am Breakfast (cappuccino and brioches)
  • Admission  in the evening: 60 €  with 1 drink
  • Dinner : 130 € ( Champagne x 2 persons ) ( SOLD OUT )
  • Table :
    In Priveé : 250 € Bottle each 6 ps ( SOLD OUT )
    On Dance Floor : 200 € Bottle each 6 ps ( SOLD OUT )
    ( N.B. : over the ticket)
Appetizers | Entrée | Main Course |Dessert |Wines



Raw red Mediterranean prawns with Bufala leaf on a pumpkin cream

Millefeuille with lobster with cherry tomato coulis

Fillo dough pie with artichokes, topinambourg and goat ricotta

Smoked duck fillet with cardoncelli

Mini tartare of “manzetta” and williams pears with green sauce


Ravioli with porcini mushrooms with venison ragout and pomegranate

Dwarf vialone rice with red turnips, scallop pulp and bottariga strips

Main Course

Chianina fillet diced on asparagus cream, almonds sliced and basil

Crispy spicy Bolognese I.G.P potatoes

Carrot cake with chestnut honey


Milanese artisan panettone with soft chantilly cream

H 02:00

Italian sausage from Modena with lentils from Castelluccio di Norcia


Champagne Moet & Chandon Réserve Impérial
Rosso di Montalcino
Pinot Grigio

* products MAY BE frozen
It is available the table of allergens for consultation

New Year’s Eve Milano Program :

The New Year’s Eve party starts at 9.00pm with the Royal Buffet to continue with the New Year’s Eve dinner, the midnight toast and then with the choreographies of the GO GO dancers in Ragtime style and the Roulette and Black Jack gaming tables

N.B. Obviously the gaming tables are purely scenographic and fun and do not allow winning and / or any use of money.

Finally, you can’t miss the cotechino ( Italian sausage ) with the auspicious lentils of 02.00 and, finally, the breakfast of 06.00 ( a classic  touch for any Old Fashion New Year’s eve ).

  • As it is now a consolidated tradition for the Old Fashion New Year we also have a Vegetarian menu ( in addition to the traditional one ) that we will present shortly
  • make up artist is available to recreate the 30’s make up for all the ladies you want to lend
    Personal theme dress, choreography and stage in Ragtime style.

DJs :

Christian Martinetti
Martin Jay
mr Julius Dj Funky


Q. Are there ID or minimum age requirements to access the event?
A. As for all other evenings, access is only granted to those over the age of 18.

Q. What is the refund policy?
A. There is no refund for tickets. If you can not participate, you can transfer your ticket to another person, but only after agreeing with the management of Old fashion.

Q. Should I bring printed tickets to the event?
A. It is preferable to have a hard copy with if. It’s not mandatory.

Q. Is my registration fee or ticket transferable?
A. If you can not participate, you can transfer your ticket to another person, but only after agreeing with the management of the room.

Q. The name on my ticket or registration does not match the name of the person who will participate, is it a problem?
A. If the management has not been informed BEFORE the presentation of the ticket at the entrance, problems may occur. If you can not attend the event you can transfer the ticket, but only after having agreed with the management of Old Fashion. ( tel :+39 028056231 | Mail:  info@oldfashion.it )