New evenings and times of June 2021

From Monday 7 June 2021 the health curfew has finally been postponed by a further hour, reaching 00.00 a.m. (until 6 June it was 11:00 p.m.) and therefore the evening schedule changes from the opening of Old Fashion from 06:00 p.m. until 00:00 a.m.

Admission remains with compulsory reservation and reduced only to the number of seats the room capacity according to the new parameters of interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter and with a maximum of 4 people per table.
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Services available from Friday 11 June 2021

Friday | Saturday | Sunday
service of
since 06:00 till 00:00
Champagne |Spirits | Sparking | Wines | Ancient  Roman Pinsa |  Hawaiian Poke | Hamburger | Fries | Chopping board

Dancing entertainment is not allowed and the service includes table service only

Some clarifications regarding the Green Pass:

The Ministry of Health has established that, starting from 1 June, in order to participate in some activities, even in the white zone, it is necessary to have a certification certifying that you have been vaccinated against Covid, that you have recovered from the disease, or that you are negative for a swab. This type of certification, starting from mid-June, will be available through a “Covid pass”, or “Green pass”, in electronic and paper format. But in the meantime, how can you have a valid certification? And on what occasions will it be shown?

Do I need a pass to go to the Club?
At the moment the Clubs – intended as dance floors – are closed. The premises of the clubs can be used as restaurants: in this case they follow the rules of the restaurants, and therefore the certification or the pass is not needed.

 Old Fashion Milano management

Seconda settimana Giugno

Old Fashion Milano: year foundation 1933.
Recognized as a historic venue by the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region