Milan is “Storevolution”

“Smart” fitting rooms, tablets and smartphones to pay faster, app to book clothes.

A regional call to tender provides 9.5 million funds for the innovation of 100 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises

Smart dressing rooms, with interactive mirrors that allow you to see how you dress a dress without having to wear it. Tablets and smartphones enabled as “mobile” cash register, to avoid queues in shops .
App to book clothing to be picked up in the store and systems to ask directly to the store of a boutique if there is our size of a garment on display.

The funds

The Lombardy Region invites the commercial enterprises of the sector to a technological breakthrough and it does so with a call, “Storevolution”, which provides 9.5 million funds for the innovation of over 100 thousand small and medium-sized retail businesses that can buy equipment and develop systems to make their activities more evolved.

The idea is to integrate the online purchase  with the traditional in-store buying as with the App you can choose and book the garments to be tested then in the dressing room and improve queues waits, with electronic totems or tablets turned into mobile cash registers.

Projects must be presented from 10 September until 8 October 2018.

For each activity that will participate in the tender (and will be judged suitable) there will be a contribution of 20 thousand euro maximum (equal to 50% of eligible expenses) for companies that apply individually, of 60% – with a maximum repayment of 60 thousand euro – for those that consortium, up to a maximum of 6 companies.

Smart dressing room

But it is the smart dressing room that attracts attention: because those , that some great brands are experimenting already, allow to see in the mirror-screen the dress worn

Surely a very felt topic in the capital of fashion business