The first international exit of the Italian delegation to the assembly of the Olympic Committees. The symbol unites the Duomo and the mountains: the efficiency of a large metropolis with the enchanting charm of the snow-capped peaks

Old Fashion Milano supports that unprecedented alliance between Milan and Cortina, between the most international city in Italy and the snow of the Dolomites, on which the team of the Winter Games of 2026 aims to conquer the IOC in the challenge with Stockholm.

An important opportunity for the city of Milan that after the European “slap” for the non-assignment of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) seeks with this new opportunity a revival of the city to international attention as with EXPO in 2015.
And so, coinciding with the first international outing of Milan-Cortina, aired in Tokyo.
Old Fashion Milano intends to demonstrate its support in supporting the Italian delegation formed by the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò, by the mayor Beppe Sala, by the Veneto governor Luca Zaia and by the flag-bearer, Arianna Fontana, who begins to weave the diplomatic canvas in sight voting for next June.

To win

To win we need 44 votes, the majority of the 87 members of the IOC called to choose between Italy and Sweden.
The winning key is the word together ( as claimed by Malagò himself ) overcoming all the political and local differences that would only lead to a defeat for everyone.
Combining the public and private sectors, Lombardy and Veneto, the efficiency of a large metropolis with the enchanting charm of the mountain in a synergy operation that distinguishes it and substantially favors it from its only competitor: Stockholm.
As the Mayor of Milan quotes on social media: “The joint proposal by Milan and Cortina presents the advantages of a global city that is experiencing an extraordinary golden age and those of the magnificent surrounding Alps”

The promotional video

A Milan that, after Expo, is ready for the race.
The promotional video is very accurate and presents our excellences, from Bosco Verticale to the Scala, from the Tree of Life to fashion catwalks, from Navigli to starred restaurants. Up to the Duomo that transforms the spiers into the tricolor mountains.
Too bad they did not even show the Glamour aspect of a city that boasts over 100 modern nightclubs throughout Europe, but you know: to improve there is always time.

The hope of Old Fashion

We hope that the Milanese nightlife ( which has always been a powerful catalyst for the city ) will soon be recognized as an asset and not simply “tolerated” as it has been up till now.
If Milan is a destination for tourism, this is not only due to the splendid city monuments, its avant-garde architecture, its prestigious shops and its wonderful culinary offer, but also to the wide and varied offer of its nightclubs, discos and clubs. a public show that every evening hundreds of operators in the sector offer an increasingly international audience that attends and appreciates them.  (it is enough to see international reservations always on the rise in occasions of events like Halloween or New Year’s Eve)
Because if it is true that the tourist visits the Duomo during the day, it is also known that at night one can enjoy the countless bars, live shows venues and night clubs.
That’s why Old Fashion Milano, as a Historical shop of the City of Milan and Historic shop of the Lombardy region can only join and supporting the hope of seeing his city win this challenge.
Together: as always should be on these occasions.