Traditional fir in Piazza Duomo, led by the one in Darsena, but there will also be the village of Santa Claus and the various markets scattered all over the city.

Traditional and Led Christmas trees, skating rinks, Santa Claus villages and the biggest panettone in the world (on the other hand, if you do not do it in Milan, where?)
Milan presents its Christmas schedule with a decidedly “international” title: “‘Your Christmas'” (of course, Milan is trend, cool, fashion … and so on)

Christmas trees first of all:

because if you will dominate the traditional Piazza Duomo, there will also be others scattered throughout the city.
Let’s see the most interesting and – obviously – “cool” (since we’re talking about “Your Christmas” …)
The one in Piazza Duomo will be a 25-meter spruce from the Val di Sole, sponsored by Unipol, illuminated with 35,000 LED spots and blue decorations.
The installation will start on December 5th, a  day before the classic Milanese festival of Oh bej! Oh bej! which decrees the official street of the city at the Christmas period itself.
Another will be in Piazza San Babila, signed by Bulgari, while under the roof of the Octagon in the Gallery as usual, Swarovski will be the brand to take care of it.
Finally, Chanel will present its own in Piazza della Scala.
But the truly trending and innovative one is definitely the one in Darsena donated by Oppo: an installation of design and lighting, 20 meters high, with a staircase inside it to go up to the balcony placed at 9 meters of height, from which to admire the view of the Darsena.
In Piazza Tre Torri of City Life will appear to Huawei, while in Via Galvani, a light installation in the shape of a Christmas tree will illuminate the facade of the Torre Galfa (currently under renovation) resulting in the tallest Christmas tree in the city!

Beyond the x-mas trees

In addition to the trees, however, we will also see the installations of a 1200 square meter screen in Piazza del Duomo, where, from the first to the 24th December, Christmas-themed videos will be filmed at 6.30pm and two Christmas village will be staged. : the first (welcome return) is the Village of Wonders in the Montanelli Gardens from December 1 to January 6, with two skating rinks, the house of Santa Claus and a special setting with artificial snow.
The second will be in Darsena (sponsor Galbani) called Christmas Village with the symbols of tradition such as the tree, the Christmas market, the house of Santa Claus and his sleigh that will be the background to the large skating rink that will mirror right in the waters of the town Darsena.
Another skating rink in Piazza XXV Aprile, Piazza Gae Aulenti, Piazza Beccaria and Piazza Beltrami, in addition to the one installed in the Caimi Pool in Via Botta and the one covered in ParkMi at the Park in Via La Spezia. In short: Milanese people of skaters …

Christmas markets

Obviously, to open the Christmas period is the fair of Oh bej! Oh bej! (outside the Castello Sforzesco from 6 to 9 December), but the Christmas markets will then go on and from December 10 to January 6 returns the “Christmas Market” around the Duomo with 65 wooden houses that present typical products and gift ideas , and will be open every day of the week from 8.30 am to midnight

Downtown & more

Most of the events are concentrated in the central areas of the city, but the Municipality – in collaboration with many sponsors will illuminate about 36 km of city streets
The big news this year will be a large white vault of 800 square meters, made with 5 thousand LEDs that will illuminate the dome of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, while from November 28 Piazza della Scala will light up all of red thanks to Chanel with a project edited by IGPDecaux that will ideally connect Milan to the Champs Élysées of Paris, equally illuminated in red

The biggest Panettone in the world


Christmas, in Milan, means panettone: from December 13 to 16 will take place the Panettone Festival with tasting itineraries and which will culminate on 16 December in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele at 05:00 pm with the realization of the largest panettone artistic world made by David Comaschi, An event that will be accompanied by the songs of the Coro di Milano degli Alpini.

Old Fashion during the Christmas holidays

Old Fashion during the Christmas holidays respects a series of weekly closures to allow its employees and employees to spend the holidays in the family, respecting the tradition and the importance that the family has compared to work commitments.

Here are the Closing and Opening dates during the holiday period:

Closing in December
Monday 24 – Tuesday 25 – Wednesday 26 – Thursday 27
Opening in December
Friday 28 – Saturday 29 – Sunday 30

Closing in January
Tuesday 1 – Wednesday 2 – Thursday 3

From Friday 4 January the official program returns:
Open from Monday to Sunday except Tuesday night



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