Location | Old Fashion Milano

Versatile and able to host large business events or entertainment is located in the Palazzo dell’ Arte of Milano in the heart of the historic Parco Sempione, just a few minutes walk from the center of the City.

It’s been running since 1933 and in 2006 it was recognized by the Municipality of Milano and the Lombardy Region as ” Historical Place “.
In May 2015  was recognized by ” Expo ”  and Chamber of Commerce like : ” Expo Friends ”

The premises are developed on an inner surface of approximately 800 s.m. split into two halls and a large Dehor in crystal that overlooks a private garden of 1300 s.m. , perfectly equipped for outdoor activities.

At the entrance of the hall leads to the reception area with an adjacent first wardrobe that can reach over 400/500 garments for capacity and meets the needs for the first hall ( Gold Room ) and  Dehor.


Two separate halls with annexed toilet facilities , separate and independent. Bar, dual console and table area.

( Manager :Mr Razvan Florin Tamaian )

1st Hall : Gold Room – is the first room that you come across just after the entrance to the premises. is about 350 s.m. and is equipped with a bar counter, a DJ console, an area of ​​reserved tables in Priveé

Dehor : Next to the Gold Room – overlooking the garden  – is a steel and glass structure with a bar counter and tables splitted into two different areas, a more aloof and quiet one , wich serves as Restaurant ( by Chef Gilberto Baroni )till 00.00 a.m. and  more immersive the other.

2nd Hall : Black Room . It ‘s the second hall of Old Fashion, and is intended  for restaurant service for about 80 people during the winter season. Divided into two zones at different levels ( the highest is destined exclusively to restaurants from 08.00 p.m. till 00.00 in winter season , then like Priveè for the rest of the night )
The second hall has an independent Dj console and a selection of music managed by the best Music Designers and a local and independent wardrobe

Garden: Old Fashion is surrounded by the greenery of Parco Sempione of Milano ( the historical park of the Castello Sforzesco ) and has an area of ​​over 1300 square meters dedicated entirely to the service of nightclub and bar in the summer ( usually from mid-May to late September ) .
Three bars, two Priveé areas, a DJ booth and dance floor with  a rain sound system  as well as additional areas dedicated to tables , make Old Fashion one of the most lovely location for the summer season in the City.

Old Fashion is structured in order to host various types of private and corporate parties ; beverage service from and / or Buffet birthday party, degree etc. and some areas are specifically dedicated to private parties .You can contact Mr Massimo Seripa to book an event or Mrs Raffaella Litro for any kind of information