Larry Harvey, co-founder of the Burning Man utopia festival, died.

Together with Jerry Goodell, he invented the event that attracts thousands of people every year in the Nevada desert in the summer.

Larry Harvey, co-founder of the Burning Man Utopia festival, attracts tens of thousands of people in the Nevada desert every summer in the summer at the age of 70. Harvey died yesterday in a hospital in San Francisco where he had been hospitalized after suffering a stroke on April 4th.

Counter-culture guru, Harvey gave birth to ‘Burning Man’ in 1986 when he and his friend Jerry Goodell set fire to a wooden puppet on a beach in San Francisco during the summer solstice.


Since 1990 the “Burning Man” festival is held in the Nevada desert, where every year in August attracts up to 70 thousand people and is one of the most famous cultural events in the US that often sees the participation of artists and show personalities, as singer Katy Perr or actor Will Smith among others. In 2015, the event recorded annual revenue of $ 37.5 million

What is Burning Man?

The scenery, the means of the Nevada desert, is a dream. It is here that every year thousands of people meet to participate in the Burning Man festival. Created in 1986 by a group of Californians, the event has transformed over time into one of the most important and exclusive art events on the planet. In addition to the stars that crowd Black Rock City, the city built and then destroyed specifically for the event, there are also the magnates of technology: since last year the Silicon Valley elite, including Zuckerberg and Bezos (the founder of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post), chose to participate by staying in deluxe campers. The protagonists of the event are visionary works of art, installations and theatrical performances.