Waiting for the decree that will make the Green Pass mandatory to access all places at risk of crowding in Italy, here are some tips on how to get the Green Pass (and what to do if it does not arrive)

While Covid infections, due to the Delta variant, continue to grow, all over Europe there is discussion about the Green pass, no longer intended only as a travel passport, but also as a possible pass to go to a restaurant or bar, to concerts , discos, events in general.
Health Minister Roberto Speranza announces that 28.4 million Italians have already downloaded the Green pass and, in this context, a general review on how to obtain the famous green certificate is useful:

  1. The vaccinated (1 dose), the recovered or those who have undergone a negative test should receive – via sms or e-mail – the code (authcode) of vaccination, negative test or recovery.
    If you have received the desired authcode you can go:
  • A) on site https://www.dgc.gov.it/ and access via Health Card or digital identity (Spid / Cie) and download it
    B) Download AppImmuni ( version IOS -IPhone ) or ( version Google Play – Android ) and in the section “what do you want to do today” which you find on the home page (immediately under Active service status) click on EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE> Find out more: a window opens where, by entering the authcode, you will receive the certificate in Qr model code (do not show it on social networks because it contains sensitive personal information)
    C) Download App IO ( and also here follow the instructions to download the QR code via authcode )
    D) In some Regions, the Green pass can also be accessed from the website of the Regional Electronic Health Record

What to do if you DO NOT receive the SMS or EMAIL?

If you are eligible to obtain the Green pass (vaccination, recovery or negative test) but the famous code still does not arrive via text message or email, do not lose heart:

  1. You can call 1500 for request
  2. Write to , just indicate your tax code, the date of vaccination, the negative swab or the first positive swab date for the recovered and the email to which you want to receive the code to download the pass.
  3. You can also ask for help to your doctor
  4. in pharmacies

the doctor and pharmacist, by accessing the Health Card System with their credentials, will be able to retrieve the COVID-19 green certification. You will need the tax code and the data of the Health Card.

The COVID-19 green certification in this case will be delivered in paper or digital format.

As soon as updates are published, it will be our pleasure to bring them back to the section  Admission rules in the sub-category “COVID EMERGENCY”

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