How to get free to Old Fashion?

Basic there is no need to rack your brains too much

In reality, there is no need to rack your brain, especially if you are a girl, to be able to spend an evening at Old Fashion at no cost ( or at most with a disbursement of 1 euro)
Almost all evenings provide a facilitated entry for girls based mainly on the timetable.
In practice, if you decide to go dancing early, free entry is included.

Free nights

On Monday from 08.30 pm( aperitif period ) until one in the morning ( club opening ), admission for women is free, as it is on Wednesdays before 00.30 am ( only clarification : to prove to be a university student through a booklet or erasmus student )

Even the weekend has an interesting offer ( online only ) that allows you to buy your Happy Price ticket up to 24 hours before the event (for Friday you must buy it by Thursday and for Saturday by Friday) at the symbolic cost of 1 euro.
Prime Culture’s Sunday night , on the other hand, offers free admission to all girls by 00:30 am.

Of course there are also several PR lists of single evenings that provide these facilitated inputs, but if you want to be independent and not have to thank anyone, these are the simplest and most effective way to spend a pleasant evening at almost no cost.

Warning: being promotional, these inputs can be modified or suspended at any time.
Usually during events or nights with high turnout, all facilities are temporarily suspended.