It’s the great pride of Old Fashion and makes it so famous and inimitable. 1200 square meters overlooking the Central Park of Milan ( Parco Sempione ) projects an idea of ​​holiday and freedom. Its season starts from the second half of May ( weather permitting ) and lasts until the end of September.

It is entirely wrapped by centuries-old horse chestnut trees of  park itself and makes extensive use of teak wood for its hanging platforms that surround the dance floor designed according to the most advanced sound techniques.

Garden Services

The Old Fashion Garden is designed around the vast dance floor with numerous tables on different levels and priveè and the areas are basically 4 and meet the needs of the public: 1 directly below the console Dj is the main Privee, the second is placed exactly opposite ( the other side of the dance floor ) and two more discrete on the outer perimeter. 3 bars ( Bar Moet , Red Bull bar  and Heineken bar ) located at the antipodes, complete the service