Food & Beverage @ Old Fashion Milano 

Food & Beverage in July

During this period  opening Thursday | Friday | Saturday from 11:00 p.m. till 04:00 am , Sunday from 11:30 till 04:00 a.m. the executive Chef Gilberto Baroni offers various dishes to combine with drinks, cocktails or bottles of wine and Champagne.
It starts from the Ancient Roman Pinsa (according to the original recipe of ancient imperial Rome, the Roman pinsa was an elongated flatbread made with water and mixed cereals: barley, spelled, millet which is garnished with mozzarella, tomato and variants a pleasure) or the fabulous Gourmet Burgers ( classic burger or with Chianina meat, Scottona, Angus, Iberian pork or fine sea bass, all accompanied by freshly cut and fried chips).
If you decide for something more delicious you can try the various mixed fried foods ranging from vegetable ones to rice supplì, or a traditional chopping board of cured meats, speck, cheeses and reductions of chestnuts and honey
Friday | Saturday  from 11:00 p.m. till 04:00 a.m. | Sunday from 11:30 till 04:00 a.m.,Old Fashion’s kitchen is ready to accompany the various drinks with its express service.

Some of the dishes proposed @Old Fashion Milano

Happy island

A table thus becomes a happy island where I can have everything I need to spend a pleasant evening with friends enjoying cocktails, bottles of wine or Champagne, listening to music in the most beautiful garden in Milan. This is the new concept which Old Fashion intends to redesign itself in sync with the new times and behaviors.




Admission is with compulsory reservation and reduced only to the number of seats in the room 

We’re remember even the restrictions regarding the number of people in the tables are no longer limited and only the limitation of the spacing of 1 meter per person remains with the exception of cohabitants and people who are not subject to interpersonal distancing (this aspect refers to individual responsibility);customers must wear the mask on any occasion when they are not seated at the table. Admission only for GREEN PASS REINFORCED holders ( as D.L. November 26 , 2021 n°172 )


10,00 €
Ancient Roman Pinsa
    • Margherita
      Mozzarella cheese | Tomato | Basil
    • Wrong Margherita
      Mozzarella cheese | Tomato | Pesto sauce
    • Caprese
      Raw Mozzarella cheese | Little tomatoes | Rocket salad
    • Capricciosa
      Mozzarella cheese | Tomato | Ham | Mushrooms | Artichokes
    • Diavola
      Mozzarella cheese | Tomato | Spicy salami
    • Romagnola 
      Stracchino cheese | Raw ham | Rocket salad
    • Loft
      Mozzarella cheese | Smoked salmon | Mixed salad | Avocado
    • Vegetariana
      Mozzarella cheese | Little tomatoes | Zucchini | Eggplant
    • 4 Cheeses
      Mozzarella cheese | Zola cheese | Fontina cheese | Grana Padano
    • Montanara
      Rocket salad | Bresaola from Valtellina | Grana Padano
    • Tirolese
      Zola cheese | Speck | Nuts | Radicchio salad
Hamburger & French Fries 
15,00 €
    • Classic 
      Beef | Salad | Tomato | Cucumber | Mayonnaise
    • Cheese Burger
      Beef | Cheddar | Salad | Tomato | Cucumber | Mayonnaise
    • Cheese Bacon
      Beef | Cheddar cheese | Bacon | Salad | Tomato | Mayonnaise
    • Angus
      Beef | Bacon | Salad | Mozzarella | Grilled courgettes | Pink sauce
    • Iberica
      Iberian pork | Salad | Bacon | Cheddar cheese
    • Scottona 
      Beef | Salad | Tomato | Speck | Smoked scamorza | Barbecue sauce
    • Vegan Burger
      Vegan Burger
      | Salad | Tomato | Grilled courgettes | Grilled aubergines | Vegan mayonnaise
    • Buffalo Burger
      Buffalo meat| Tomato | Caramelized chives | Buffalo mozzarella | Whiskey sauce
    • Chicken Burger
      Chicken | Salad | Tomato | Fontina | Mayonnaise
    • Chianina Burger
      Beef | Mixed salad | Grilled courgettes | Bacon | Cheddar cheese | Mayonnaise yogurt sauce
    • Fish Burger
      Sea bass | Rocket salad | Tomato | Mango | Habanero Avocado
Mixed Fries
10,00 €
  • Mixed fried 
  • Vegetarian mixed fries
  • Ascoli olives
  • Rice balls ( Supplì alla Romana )
  • Potatoes croquettes
  • Courgette flowers ( Fiori di Zucca )
  • Cheddar’s Jalapenos
  • Camembert fried
  • Small Rice balls
Chopping board
15,00 €
Chopping board

  • Chopping board
    Raw Ham | Speck | Salami | Brie | Fontina | Chestnut jam | Honey


Reception and availability

The service is strictly linked to seating for a maximum of 6 people per table (Only Indoor ). Orders in the kitchen end 60 minutes before the closure of the venue, to allow the preparation, service and consumption of the products. Reservation is mandatory. Of course, you can also decide to have only drinks without having to dine