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How does entry to the venue work?

General rules for access to venue – Rules and company rules

The admission to Old fashion is regulated by the law 94 of 15 July 2009 art 3., from the Cod.Pen. ex art. 689 and 691, ex art 7 del DL 158/2012 ,ex  D.M.19 August 1996, by  Protocol of Intents signed with the Prefecture of Milano and by the Company Rules ( as foreseen by Leg.94 15/07/09 art 3 ) that guarantee to the management the door policy at its sole discretion , anyway the most frequent causes of denial of access are listed below, which are intended as a pure example and do not reduce the discretionary power of the personnel in charge of entry.

Access is strictly prohibited:

  • under the age of 18 ( ex art. 7 del DL 158/2012 )
  • people in a state of alcoholic intoxication*
  • individuals for whom is suspect the use or sale of drugs
  • all those who have an aggressive attitude or that have been previously involved in acts of violence.
  • poor personal hygiene
  • a clothing is not consonant with the standard of the club may result refused
  • If the Club has reached the capacity limit as per D.M.19 August 1996 (and related laws)
  • Also refused banchelor party , as well as access to venue is reserved for people coupled or in heterogeneous groups.
  • Vulgarity, racism or intransigence will be solved with the access refused or removal from the club.

*At the entrance to the premises, the staff is equipped with an alcohol meter and can invite customers to undergo a test alcohol.  In case of refusal this will be considered as a lack of requirement for access to the premises

Fight against  sale of drugs:
in case of people caught in flagrancy of crime,  management  will provide immediate reporting to the police authorities.
Anyone who is responsible or involved in events that may lead the Milan Police Headquarters to apply the suspension of the license and consequent closure of the premises pursuant to ex Art. 100 of  TULPS will be prosecuted by Old Fashion s.r.l. in order to obtain compensation for damages incurred.

Why do I have to go through a metal detector at the entrance?

Cause  international situation, since November 2015, Old Fashion has adopted a control policy at the entrance of the premises by means of metal detectors managed by personnel authorized by the Prefecture.
A visual verification of the contents of bags and backpacks is also carried out and the latter are mandatory to be deposited in the wardrobe.
The introduction of gas cylinders for personal defense is not allowed: these products must be delivered to the security staff who will keep them for the entire duration of the evening and return them to the customer (as long as they are products certified by the Ministry of the Interior).
Any type of instrument capable of attack will be retained by the staff and reported to the police.

Why is it no allowed to temporarily leave the venue?

This protocol has been active since December 2018; the reason – unfortunately – depends on the fatal events of Corinaldo ( Ancona, italy ) when 6 people perished.
Since then, the Prefecture of Milan has issued a note in which it recommends that the capacity of the premises be respected as per DM 19 August 1996 (which establishes the criteria with which the Supervisory Commissions release the capacity, that is, the number of people who can be present simultaneously in a room).
To comply with this requirement, Old Fashion security staff are equipped with a “people counter” that progresses with turnout and decreases with the exit of people.
It follows that, to be sure that the counting is accurate ( and  security standard is thus respected), we cannot temporarily let customers leave, because we cannot ensure the safety of the same, risking to exceed the legal number with dangerous repercussions both legal and – obviously – safety.
In the event of a customer leaving the premises, upon returning, the payment of the entrance fee will be required. This is true even if the customer has left his garments in the wardrobe custody.
Any new entrance to the room is subject to reaching or not the capacity limit

About admission| the types | the lists

What does the admission include?

The admission to Old Fashion Night Club varies depending on the evening and the type of event with different prices both for type of event (aperitif or Night Club) and for day of the week (midweek or weekend). To be sure of the price of the evening you have to check the event to which you intend to participate.
The entrance to the venue always includes the drink both for the WHOLE price and for the REDUCED price, the wardrobe service that must be paid separately is excluded.

How does entry by List work?

The entry by list is a facility that Old Fashion Night Club  offers to all its users to access the local at a REDUCED price
Entry by  list is requested via a form that is easily accessible from the selected event via a button that opens the page of the request form. ( when Entry by List mode is available )
Once the system has been sent, it sends an email to the email address indicated, it is not necessary to bring with it a copy of the confirmation email, but simply indicate at the entrance to be in the  List
The period and the prices of the facilitation list vary according to the various evenings and are shown in the event itself. It’s not always operative

Is the list only personal?

No. The entries on the list are also applicable to more than one person and in this case it is necessary to indicate in the appropriate sections of the online booking form or through another tool ( Phone – WhatsApp – Facebook etc ) the number of Ladies and G-men who intends to insert in the list.

How does REDUCED price work?

The entry at REDUCED price compared to the official ( or WHOLE ) price  for admission is an opportunity that Old Fashion offers to all its customers by entering by list. The saving is approximately around 20/25% of the official price ( WHOLE  ).

About the tables | Bottles | Priveé

What is the difference between the various tables of venue ?

The tables in Old Fashion are divided mainly into 3  categories depending on the various areas of the Night club and have different prices and privileges. In case of booking via form thru website, it’s considered as deposit and must be paid upon arrival at the premises

Standard table

Price: starting from € 250 x 6 Ps (Standard bottle)
It is the Base Table of club. Its cost may vary according to the evening (Wednesday 150 €) and is located in the less valuable areas of the venue : in summer along the outside walkway of the Garden, in the area Dehor and / or zone A.
In Winter: in the Gold Room  and in the Dehor.
In case of rain, management does not guarantee that the table can be transported inside (even if obviously we try to satisfy everyone’s needs)

Privilege table

Price: starting from € 250 x 6ps ( Standard bottle )
The Privilege Table is a table placed in the best areas of club and for this its price is slightly higher than the Standard table
In Summer: in case of rain, the table is not insured or transportable inside, but takes precedence over standard tables.
In Winter: Privilege tables are – second room or black room – in the raised area of ​​the room.

Priveè table

Price: starting from 300 € x 6 ps ( Standard bottle )
The Priveè table is the table par excellence of the club. In the summer it is located in the C area of ​​the club just below the DJ Console while in the Winter area are in the Gold Room in a restricted area with a private entrance.
The tables Priveè, in case of rain are always transportable indoor. The reservation of the Priveè table involves the obligation of certain special conditions such as particular bottles .
In case of reservation, the availability is not guaranteed until after a verification by the staff of the room by telephone or by e-mail.

What does Standard bottle mean?

The bottles at the tables of the club are of various types, sizes and prices.

Standard Bottle

The standard bottle can be Champagne or distilled (Liqueur). In the standard category, most of the products sold in 0.70 / 0.75 cl formats, such as (by way of example) Moet & Chandon – Veuve Cliquot – Absolut -Smirnoff Black – Baileys – Fruit or mint vodka – Most of Rhum and Gin. A menu with prices is always available at the table (on request)

Premium bottle

The Premium bottle is a type of bottle (Champagne or distilled) of above-average quality therefore the price in this case can undergo considerable increase depending on the quality. In the Premium category there are above all precious Champagne such as Cristal – Dom Perignon – Krugg, but also particular vodka or whiskey. It is advisable to carefully evaluate the menu always available at the table (on request) so as not to incur surprises.

Magnum bottle

The Magnum bottle is a type of bottle extremely important for its size that can vary from 1.5 liters to a maximum of 12 liters. The price can be extremely high and some of these bottles must be booked in time because they are not always available in the cellar. Fall in this category many Champagne and some particular vodka. It is strongly recommended to request all the clarifications of the case from the manager before ordering such a bottle. The prices for these bottles are always available on the menu available at the table (on request)

About private parties | Birthdays | Cakes

I want to organize my birthday / graduation party, who can I contact?

Old Fashion Night Club is structured to allow organizing your birthday parties, graduations etc etc in an environment professionally prepared to ensure the best in the success of its celebration. To get all the information about it and to book a site visit you can directly contact our offices .
Tel :+39 028056231
or by e-mail at
or use Whatsapp at: +39 3290118343

What is the indemnity for cakes?

Italian health regulation is extremely clear regarding the products administered within a public place: In fact, every commercial activity has the obligation to sell or supply exclusively products whose provenance and conservation is certified, by HACCP self-control manual , in the case of its own production, or HACCP certification in case it comes from third parties. Therefore, in case a customer wishes that a cake produced by his favorite pastry is served at his party, it is compulsory to present an indemnity attached to the cake (or pastries or any other confectionery product) with HACCP certification that all pastry shops are  obbless to attach on request.

Warning: in case of lack of certification the product will not be allowed to pass inside the venue.
“Homemade” cakes can not be certified by private citizen and are therefore not eligible under any circumstances.