Car Pooling in Milano

In the coming weeks a competition will be launched to promote its dissemination.

Approved the guidelines of the tender that will allow the identification of car pool application managers in Milano to encourage shared use of the private cars.

After having successfully incentivized the fleets of cars, bikes and scooters rented, now the municipal administration is dedicated to car pooling and to spread it grants free parking in the parking lots of interchange and along the lines of force of public transport to those who placing more than one vehicle on common journeys.
This will reduce the number of cars in circulation with the benefit of traffic flow and air quality.The IT platform that manages it allows to meet the demand and offer of car passes through the simple registration from part of the users

A service particularly useful for those from a point in the metropolitan city to reach a node of interchange of the subway or the main surface means.

The tendering procedure will promote the use of car pooling through a three year trial.

Disposition a passage on your car to other people will have the opportunity to park for free throughout the day in specially reserved areas in Quarto Oggiaro, Crescenzago, Caterina da Forlì, Famagosta, Cascina Gobba, Maciachini, Molino Dorino and San Donato, as well as in other areas delimited by the blue pay strip that will be identified along the transport network Milanese public.
The free use of the parking will be allowed to the owners of vehicles transporting people with up to nine seats including the driver.

They will have to register with the platform and must have at least one passenger for the first year of the trial and two passengers for the following years. Vehicles participating in car pooling will be recognizable thanks to a window sticker.

Once the crew has been trained on a certain route, the driver of the registered car will have to fill in the list of passengers that will have to arrive at the final stop point, through the app to which he registered.

The service clearly distinguishes itself from that offered by taxis or rental with driver as it is possible to make a single round trip daily.
source: Municipality of Milan