Black Room


It’s the second Old Fashion Night Club hall. Usually dedicated to the restaurant from 08:00 pm till 00:30 with art performances ( in summer season  the restaurant is located in Dehor ). It is a room with high ceilings and overlooks the large ” triportico “ of the Triennale di Milano overlooking the Fountain of the Mysterious Baths of De Chirico

The Priveé of the Black Room night Club is in the balcony and is raised above the dance floor. Two different entrances placed at its extremities allow you to easily reach it, even if its comfortable spaces lead people to dance directly at the tables

Black Room Services

In the early evening hours the service is exclusively for restaurant with art performances ( until 00:30 ) and then becomes a Night Club with Priveé service. The Hall has two bars ( one on the dance floor and one dedicated only to Priveé), toilettes, and wardrobe service. The DJ console is amplified by the latest generation NEXO system. There are also two stages for art performances


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