Amazon “Wardrobe”, will be the nemesis of the traditional store?

Hard times for shop 1.0 and further step forward Amazon to improve the experience by making it closer to the experience of direct purchase.

After Amazon Go ( first shop without cash register ) and a first announcement dating back to June 2017, the Wardrobe feature is available ( only for holders of prime accounts in the USA).

How does “Wardrobe” work?

Customers can select from three to fifteen items, including over one million possible choices between different brands. Once the packages arrive at home, they will have seven days to try the items.
If something does not fit perfectly or does not meet the expectations, the customer can book a free collection or bring the items to the nearest collection point.
In the box there will be a pre-printed and prepaid return label, which guarantees the free service.
The real innovation, compared to other competitors in the field of fashion, lies in the fact that the customer will pay the clothing only AFTER the actual test

There is not yet a date for the European launch and therefore Italian of Amazon Wardrobe

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