How Get in?

Logo Old FashionAs per provisions of the D.L. 24 December 2021 pursuant to art 6, activities such as those of Old Fashion remain suspended until 31 January 2022

For this particular period, Old Fashion Milano reopens with a series of restrictions deriving from the international health situation. 
We remind our customers  the Green Pass and mask will be mandatory to access Old Fashion ( From December 6 ,2021 regular Green Pass will be replaced by GREEN PASS REINFORCED )
The entrance to the premises is allowed only upon reservation and involves a series of prescriptions dictated by regional ordinances and Ministerial Decrees. It is understood that the remaining access methods that Old Fashion has always used at the entrance remain in force. Please take note of the particular rules that will be used to allow access to the room during the current period:


General rules for access to the premises during the COVID 19 emergency  ( by D.L. n. 105 of 23 July 2021 , Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 June 2021  ,D.L. 8 October 2021 n° 139D.L. November 26, 2021 n°172)

Dear Guest, from 6th of August, to dine indoor in this place it is mandatory to have EU digital COVID certificate
Starting from 6 December 2021 the Green Pass ( EU digital COVID certificate ) will be replaced by the Super Green Pass (i.e. the SWAB  will no longer be valid to access the venue) as per D.L. November 26, 2021 n ° 172

■ Show the digital or paper QR Code on your EU digital COVID certificate*

■ The validity of the EU digital COVID certificate will be proven through the «VerificaC19» app

■ While waiting, always remember to keep the interpersonal distance of one meter and wearing face mask

* The staff in charge may ask you to also exhibit an I.D.

Some clarifications regarding the Green Pass:
■ The Ministry of Health has established that, starting from 1 June, in order to participate in some activities, even in the white zone, it is necessary to have a certification certifying that you have been vaccinated against Covid, that you have recovered from the disease, or that you are negative for a swab (WARNING: from 6 December the swab is no longer allowed as a tool to have a Green Pass as per D.L. November 26, 2021 n ° 172). This type of certification, starting from mid-June, will be available through a “Covid pass”, or “Green pass”, in electronic and paper format. But in the meantime, how can you have a valid certification? And on what occasions will it be shown?

■ Do I need Green pass to go to Old Fashion ?
Yes : From Thursday 5th August, the Green Pass will be mandatory to access Old Fashion.

UPDATE : Starting from 6 December 2021 the Green Pass will be replaced by the Super Green Pass (i.e. the pads will no longer be valid to access the venue) as per D.L. November 26, 2021 n ° 172

■ For the sole purpose of defining the maximum capacity of the room it’s 50% in the Indoor and 75% Outdoor
■ We have prepared adequate information on prevention measures, understandable also for customers of other nationalities.
■ In common areas, it is mandatory to respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter. Therefore, it is necessary to promote and facilitate compliance with this measure and encourage the differentiation of the routes within the structures, with particular attention to the entrance and exit areas.
■ We post information signs and/or to delimit the spaces ( for example, with stickers to be attached to the floor, poles, path markers, etc. ).
■ Before accessing the venue, the customers’ body temperature must be measured, if it exceeds 37.5 °, access to the places will not be allowed and they will, therefore, be invited to leave to go into isolation with relative reporting to the health authorities.
■ Customers are obliged to enter the venue wearing a protective mask
■ Hand sanitization products are available for customers and staff also in several places in the venue, in particular at the entrance and near the toilets, which must be cleaned several times a day.
Dancing is allowed by law from 00:01 of October 11 th
■ Even the restrictions regarding the number of people in the tables are no longer limited and only the limitation of the spacing of 1 meter per person remains with the exception of cohabitants and people who are not subject to interpersonal distancing (this aspect refers to individual responsibility);customers must wear the mask on any occasion when they are not seated at the table or not dancing in the dancing floor.
A self-service buffet service is not allowed.
Old Fashion offering the aperitif service only at the table with food dishes as an accompaniment to the drink
■ The service staff in contact with customers must use the mask and must carry out frequent hand hygiene with sanitizing products ( before each table service ).
■ Use of the booking service and / or purchase through the  Old Fashion website not be right at the entrance to the Club.The Management reserves the right to refuse access to the Club both booking then ticket purchased through old website

In case of refusal, the ticket price will be refunded strictly upon PAYPAL reimbursement

Admission to Old fashion is regulated by:

  1. Law n°94 of 15 July 2009
  2. Art. 3 by DM October 06, 2009
  3. Italian Criminal Code Article 688, 689 and 691
  4. Art. 7 by DL 158/2012
  5. D.M 19 August 1996 ( and related laws
  6. Law n° 132 of 1 December 2018 by conversion of D.L. n° 113 of 4 October 2018
  7. Company rules (  by D.M. October 6, 2009)
  8. Protocol with the Prefecture of Milano

(subject to the provisions regarding the COVID 19 emergency) *

* If they are in contrast with the anticovid rules in force, they must be considered not applicable

that provide Management to the right to refuse access to the local at its sole discretion.

Below are the most frequent causes of refusing access which are to be understood as purely by way of example and do not reduce the discretion of the staff responsible for the entrance.

Access is prohibited:

  • under the age of 18 (ex-art. 7 del DL 158/2012 )
  • people in a state of alcoholic intoxication*(ex-art 688 c.p.)
  • individuals for whom is suspect the use or sale of drugs
  • all those who have an aggressive attitude or that have been previously involved in acts of violence.
  • poor personal hygiene
  • clothing is not consonant with the standard of the club may result refused
  • If the club has reached the capacity** limit as per D.M.19 August 1996 (and related laws)
  • Also refused bachelor party, as well as access to the venue, is reserved for people coupled or in heterogeneous groups.
  • Vulgarity, racism, or intransigence will be solved with the access refused or removed from the club.
  • It is forbidden to introduce drinks contained in cans, glass bottles, metal water bottles or plastic bottles, animals of any kind and size, selfie sticks and tripods, umbrellas and rods, personal defense sprays, musical instruments, pens and laser pointers, remote-controlled drones, audio or video recording equipment, professional or semi-professional cameras, video cameras, GoPro, iPad and tablets

* At entrance to the premises, the staff is equipped with an alcohol tester and can invite customers to undergo test alcohol.  In case of refusal, this will be considered as a lack of requirement for access to the premises

** To respect the full capacity of the venue, since December 2018, Old Fashion implements an admission protocol which excludes the temporary exit from the premises by stamping. Anyone leaving the premises is required (once they return to the entrance) to wait for the capacity (as per D.M.19 August 1996) to allow access and is required to pay the entry price again. This is mandatory because it’s not possible for the personnel in charge at the entrance (which is equipped with people counter), to ensure that capacity is respected inside the venue. We apologize for protocol, but it made for the safety of our customers. 

■ Specific security service for women

Old Fashion guarantees every night the presence of at least one woman in security staff, for any problem strictly related to the ladies.
The service is aimed at a more confidential approach to various types of problems, from harassment to the most intimate needs of the ladies present in the club.
In case of needs ( search for a taxi, a sense of concern to get to the car) Old Fashion ensures the accompaniment by a member of the security staff.

■ Safety and firefighting team

Old Fashion guarantees every night ( as per Ministerial Decree of 19 August 1996 ) the presence of a team of firefighters certified by the Ministry of the Interior VV.FF.
In the event of an evacuation, the members of the Firefighting Team will coordinate the clearing and security phases of the clientele.

■ Access Control rules:

Get in

As a result of international situation, since november 2015 , Old Fashion has a policy of access control through metal detectors at the entrance of the club run by qualified staff. It ‘s also implemented a visual check of the contents for bags and backpacks and the latter are required to be deposited in the cloakroom at the entrance.

The introduction of gas can for self-defense is not allowed

These products must be delivered to the security personnel, who will keep for the duration of the evening and return them at the exit of the customer ( if they are certified products by Ministry of Security ) otherwise, like any other type of tool able to attack , will be retained by the staff and reported to law enforcement.

It is also forbidden to introduce drinks contained in cans, glass bottles, metal water bottles or plastic bottles, animals of any kind and size, selfie sticks and tripods, umbrellas and rods, personal defense sprays, musical instruments, pens and laser pointers , remote-controlled drones, audio or video recording equipment, professional or semi-professional cameras, video cameras, GoPro, iPad and tablets  ( all these objects – with the exception of the bottles  and cans – can be left for safekeeping at the wardrobe of the club). As far as personal defense gas cans are concerned, these can be left in custody for FREE at the entrance personnel and collected once they have left the premises.

At the entrance to the premises, the staff is equipped with an alcohol meter and can invite customers to undergo a test alcohol. In case of refusal this will be considered as a lack of requirement for access to the premises

■ Fight and contrast the marketing sale or trafficking of drugs:

In case of people caught in the act of crime  Old Fashion management shall immediately report to the police.

We remind our customers that the introduction and use of cannabis ( light ) and derivatives regulated by law 242 of 2016 is prohibited, as it is not possible to verify the actual absence of active substance by the personnel. In compliance with the D.P.R. 309/90 “Consolidated text of the laws concerning the discipline of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the relative states of drug addiction” as amended by Law 21 February 2006, n. 49.

Anyone who is responsible for/or involved in events that may lead Police to implement the suspension of the license and subsequent closure of the premises by Art 100 of the TULPS will be pursued through the courts by Old Fashion Ltd. in order to obtain compensation for damages suffered.
Anyone who has been removed from the premises for violations of rules of conduct, can no longer return in the future, without time limit.

■ Leaving temporary the venue is not allowed

This protocol is active since December 2018; the reason – unfortunately – depends by fatal facts of Corinaldo ( Ancona – Italy ) where 6 people perished ( Lanterna Azzurra Club).
Since then the Prefecture of Milan has issued a note in which it recommends that the capacities of the premises be strictly respected as per DM 19 August 1996 (which establishes the criteria by which the Supervisory Commissions issue the capacity, that is, the number of people who can  be present simultaneously in a venue ). To comply  this requirement, Old Fashion security personnel, are equipped by “people counter” that progresses with the admission and decreases with the exit of people.
To be sure that this count is accurate ( and the safety rules are thus respected ), we cannot let anyone go out temporarily, because we could not ensure the safety of our customers, risking to exceed the legal number with dangerous repercussions both legal and – of course –  for safety.
If a customer leaves the premises, upon return, payment of the entry price will be required. This even if the customer has left his clothes in the wardrobe.
Any new entry to the premises is anyway subject to reaching  capacity limit.

■ What ‘s included in the entrance fee ?

The entrance fee to Old Fashion varies depending by night and  event type with different prices for  events ( aperitif or disco ) and by day of week ( weekday or weekend ) . Please, be certain you have checked the price of the evening to which you wish to attend.
The entrance to venue always includes the drink both for the whole price then if is reduced , however the service excluding wardrobe service that must be paid separately.