Donate ten euros to Civil Protection!

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A ticket for heroes. Those who save the lives of others, those who spend themselves in silence, without many proclamations, for the common good. How much is their sacrifice, their work worth? It is not quantifiable.
So let’s launch a proposal. A small payment of each to the Civil Protection so that we can partially repay the human, economic, social effort of these days. How much does an average person spend in a month for aperitifs and entrance fees? Here, we ask the nightlife circuit to pay the symbolic amount of a ticket, an aperitif, an exit, to the Civil Protection Iban.
To make our voice heard by doctors, volunteers, nurses, those who are assisting the population affected by the virus. Together it means this. Having fun together, reacting together, making your voice heard together. This adverb will be needed more than ever, from now on. Together. For our category, for our Italy.
Let’s start with a small but significant gesture. Donate the cost of a symbolic aperitif or a ticket, at our and your discretion. Anyone who does, keep the bank transfer receipt. Then, once the emergency is over, when we return to normal life, you will be entitled to free entry to one of the thousands of Silb affiliated premises at the time of reopening.
We will return to have fun, but we must not forget the people in the front line to save our loved ones, our friends, in this moment of a serious health emergency.
Because of the wave of our music and our positivity translates into an effective contribution.
We trust to detach many free tickets, it will mean that the sense of solidarity is deep.
Civil Protection Bank details:
Accountholder: Pres. Cons. Min. Dip. Prot. Civ.
IBAN: IT84 Z030 6905 0201 0000 0066 387
Causal: SILB Un biglietto per gli eroi