For many years it has been discussed, but even today its location has not found a seat.

However, things could change with the new presidency at the Milan Triennale.

In the revitalization plan of the Milan Triennale, fashion could, in fact, play a leading role.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the new president Stefano Boeri hypothesizes a new pole of permanent attraction for the establishment of via Alemagna, with a stable space for design and one for the coveted Fashion Museum.

“We are looking for – explains Boeri to the newspaper – to ensure that the Triennale returns to have a leading role at the international level. We lost some enamel ».

Among the hypothesis of enhancing the cultural center is that of a “stable space where to stage the history of Italian design”, but also a contiguous and distinctive sector of Made in Italy as fashion could be represented with a hub.

“La Triennale – the president reiterates – was born as the Palace of the Arts and aspires to be so again. When we say design and fashion, we name a relationship that is in the history of this institution. Without arrogance and presumption, the Triennale makes itself available. If fashion is interested, we are here ».

At the moment the attention is more focused on design but nothing forbids, as Boeri suggests, that this structure can also become the seat of the Fashion Museum:
“We can not expect – he concludes – that the collections of the great designers all come here, it would be madness, but hope in the availability of the archives of Armani, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Ferré and Versace would be very interesting, because the two spheres speak with a very strong intensity »

We at Old Fashion allow us to add that a city that claims to be one of the capitals of the Fashion business can not be exempt from hosting such a museum.