Palazzo Citterio reopens: 6500 square meters fabulous to give birth to “Brera Modern”

After three years of work the delivery to the Art Gallery, the preview from 18 to 20 April at the Salone del Mobile.

Over 6500 square meters of space dedicated to modern and contemporary art. After over 40 years Palazzo Citterio becomes an exhibition part of the Pinacoteca di Brera.
By June the Palazzo will be “delivered” to the director of Brera, James Bradburne.

The house has been completely restored and recovered: both the historic parts from the main floor and the more recent rooms of the Seventies (designed by Giancarlo Ortelli and Edoardo Sianesi, with Franco Russoli), the hypogeal of the Stirling-Wilford project.
A three-year job thanks to funding from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, as part of the ‘Grande Brera’ program

The restoration work, coordinated by the architect Amerigo Restucci, “has returned to the city Palazzo Citterio, which has returned to life, and this was the goal we set ourselves”, said Antonella Ranaldi, Milan superintendent.

In fact, before the building can be really usable to the public, work still needs to be done because the building “must be transformed into a museum”. For example, it is necessary to see the installations and whether the spaces can host large works such as Fiumana by Giuseppe P ellizza from Volpedo, an enormous work of 255×438. And again if the deposits will be sufficient

Now, before being entrusted to the Pinacoteca, Palazzo Citterio opens to the public from 18 to 20 April, that is during the Salone del Mobile, with guided tours and a photographic exhibition by Maurizio Montagna to document the before and after works.