10 things that have not been done since we are in the internet and digital age

From the rental of films in videotape to the purchase of the encyclopedia, from the telephone directory to the development of the film rolls….

In the digital age, many activities that were still common only twenty years ago are now a fleeting memory for many of us, and will be completely unknown to new generations.

Here are some examples: :

1) look for a number in the telephone directory

On February 21, 1878, the first telephone directory was published in the US: it contained 50 names and respective numbers. In the years they spread and increased to become (in large cities) also two voluminous tomes. Today they have laughable runs compared to the past. If we look for a person, by now, the first choice is Facebook, the largest directory (telephone and not only!) Of the world with over 2.2 billion users in the world.

2) Have an encyclopedia at home.

Everything changed on January 15, 2001 when Wikipedia was born, the “free” encyclopedia open to user contributions, with only a few “myths” resisting, such as the Encyclopedia Britannica and Treccani, which in its online version highlights the Wikipedia limit: that is not always reliable as it would be an encyclopedia

3) Rent a movie.

Before streaming and broadcasting the TV via internet, to watch a movie before the TV broadcast it, the only way was to rent it in videotape. The end date can be confirmed in 2013, when it failed the giant Blockbuster, whose foundation dates back to 1985: its big mistake was not to evolve, as instead, for example, did Netflix: born in 1997 as an online DVD rental service, in 20 years it has completely transformed , to become the dominus of TV on demand in the world, with 125 million users.

4) Use the telephone booth.

Until the advent of mobile phones, and even a little later, telephone booths have been part of our communicative universe. in Milan today there are 770, half of which were 5 years ago, but may not disappear, but evolve: you are testing the phone booths of the future, complete with touch screen that offer wi-fi in the area and the possibility to recharge a mobile phone.

5) Develop the photographic rolls.

Probably it is the boom of smartphones that makes us lose the habit of using photographic films. The year of the breakthrough was 2012, when Kodak declared bankruptcy,

6) Ask help of an expert.

Whatever the problem, there will be a tutorial! The web and channels like Youtube are full of videos that have enlivened the concept of do-it-yourself, freeing it from the cumbersome manuals and booklets of indecipherable instructions. Not to mention the culinary channels that started the chef-mania!

7) Lose contacts with classmates.

Before, the only possibility was to join a school reunion. Then came Facebook and the classmates today we know life, death and miracles.

8) Watch a TV series (or a movie), without spoilers.

Before the spread of the web and social networks, it had another rhythm: months could pass even before a TV series crossed the ocean.

9) Pass the “notes” in the classroom.

Before the advent of Whatsapp, the messages between the school desks often circulated in the form of  short notes, hastily written on a piece of paper

10) Look for work through newspaper ads.

Before Linkedin and Monster.com etc. the main method to find a job was to read the advertisements published in the newspapers, in the economic pages.

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