Private Parties

Organize a private party can sometimes be stressful and forces to do more than you can imagine.:
Buy you need, invite your friends, organize the house, ask for permissions at condo.
Much better use a facilitie already organized as Old Fashion which takes care of events and entertainment  every night.
Reserve a table or a privat  area; in the first room ( Gold ) in the second ( Black Room ) as well as in the Garden ( Privee A or B or D ) is the only choice that you will have to face ( in addition to invite your guests, of course ! ).

Private Events :

The celebrations are many types and can be molded securely to suit your needs.
birthday party, graduation, engagement, marriage, and so on.
With dinner or after dinner or a buffet with refreshments served rather then a Royal Buffet or light meal are the order of the day in Old Fashion and you can choose from our many proposals that meet your needs.

WARNING: not allowed any banchelor party

Cakes :

The cake can be ordered locally or brought by the customer, but in this case it is absolutely mandatory an attached indemnity - required by law - in which are recorded by the manufacturer, all the ingredients.
The indemnity must be signed and stamped by the manager of  pastry  a facsimile of the indemnity ( to download and compile)
It's a  health - related ATS ( Sanitary Control ) to allow authorities to trace any product has been administered in a location ( in  case of simple receipt is not  possible finding the ingredients used for the preparation).
The indemnity is mandatory and its absence creates a denial of introducing the cake ( or generic pastries ) in  club.

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