From 20 to 26 February 2018: Milan Fashion Week
the appointment as "desired" by women is almost upon us: Milan Fashion Week 2018

What will be the trends for spring 2019?
Milan offers the previews of upcoming venture trends in its week of Milan Fashion Week with an incredible burst of festival, events and fashion shows, which attract the world's attention on the city.

Milano Moda Donna ( a.k.a. fashion week ) is in fact the most prestigious event organized by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, with its two appointments a year and a network of thousands of professionals who work to perfect this great event operation, the women's collection fashion shows I am the most awaited moment by the international fashion system.
Milan is the prestigious location that hosts more than 170 shows and presentations promoting the fashion houses that have made Italian products in the world and supporting new talents that make the world of fashion, an area in constant evolution.
Milan Fashion Week this year is 20 to 26 February 2018: to know how the ladies will dress in the spring of 2019

The schedule of fashion shows and the Old Fashion appointments for the Fashion Week on line soon.