Sunday December 31 st 2017
New Year's Eve 2018: " Magic Marrakech "

Italian version

For the New Year's Eve 2018, Old Fashion brings you to the magical city of Marrakech, where exotic atmospheres mix with the driving force of a city with international rhythms.
From the Medina souks with its markets and its Riads to the sparkling Hivernage lights, full of casinos, nightclubs and trendy restaurants
From 07.30 pm till 00.30 am Traditional Italian "Cenone" ( Gala Dinner ) and Royal Buffet with a corner dedicated to the flavors of Morocco with the presentation of traditional Tajine and mint tea.
Also : " Belly Dancers " performs and  Shisha Bar available in Dehor.
From the 00.30 theme animation with Performers by Night Project that will feature choreographed themes.
The evening starts at 07.30 pm with a rich buffet, and at 09.00 pm opens the restaurant for New Year's Eve dinner ( there is also a vegan menu, to be requested in advance ).
But it would not be New Year's Eve without the lentils and the cotechino that will be offered to everyone at 03.00 am.
And to conclude ( rather start ) at 06.00 am Cappuccino and Briosche breakfast will be served.

Program :

19.30 : Buffet 
21.00 : New year's gala dinner and live sax session 
22.00 : Opening Club
19.30 - 00.30 : Belly Dancers - Shisha Bar - Tajine Corner
00.00 : New year's eve toast
00.30 - 06.00 : "Dance of 7 veils" by Night Project
03.00 : Cotechino e lentils ( Sausage and Lentils )
Gold Room : Christian Martinetti - Martin Jay
Black Room : Mr Julius DJ Funky
Live sax performer : Marcello Turcato
06.00 :  Breakfast ( Cappuccino & Brioche )

Prices :

Preselling : 45 € ( Choose between )
A ) Drink + buffet from 07.30 till 10.00 pm
Or :
B ) 2 Drink after 10.00 pm 
h. 02: 00 Cotechino and lentils
h. 06: 00 Breakfast (cappuccino e brioches)
Without presell ( at main entrance ) : 50 € with 1 Drink

Cenone ( Gala Dinner ) 120 € ( with  Champagne mignon bottle  each 2 persons )

Table 200 € ( with bottle of Champagne each 5 ps - N.B. : you need to buy the main ticket ( 45 € ) also )
Bottle of Spumante for toast before 11.45 pm : € 50




Mini tajine of lamb in crust of bread
Smoked duck breast browse on cous cous crouton and vegetables
Mediterranean octopus curl on sweet potato cream and thyme
Red sicilian prawns tartare on chickpea hummus and rocket sprouts
Pumpkin bundles and smoked scamorza cheese on phyllo dough with sauce of figs on vinegar


Delights with swordfish , pine nuts and raisin in a velvety asparagus and flowering petal
Risotto with scampi tails , chestnuts and pomegranate berries

Main Course

Beef fillet mignon in frosted crust with reduced barolo wine and cardoncelli
Crispy spices Bolognese potatoes I.G.P and chestnut honey carrot pie


Milanese artisan panettone with creamy chantilly cream

Cotechino of Modena with lentils of Castelluccio di Norcia


Champagne Moet & Chandon Réserve Impérial
PINOT GRIGIO C.O.F. 2016 Volpe Pasini


Vegan Menu  ( only by request )



Zucchini rolls with soy edamame and roasted hazelnuts *
Tempura fillet radish
Phillo dough basket with salad of Sardinian artichokes, pomegranate and almonds *
Eggplant cone with pumpkin mousse and potato


Strigoli pasta in Barolo wine and Tapinenbourg*
Quinoa flen with vegetables

Main Course

Seitan skewer and vegetables
I.G.P crispy spices Bolognese potatoes and carrot pie in chestnut honey


Baked Trentino apple in leaf


*Frozen product


Moroccan cooking tasting corner.

Please note:
The buffet is based on international cuisine, the dishes listed below are refer only to the dedicated corner to Moroccan cuisine

Soup Harira

Lamb Tajine

Fish Tajine

Chicken and zuchini Tajine

Tajine of meat under plums

Couscous With Vegetables

Falafel with chickpea Hummus






Q. Are there any ID or minimum age requirements for accessing the event?
A. As for all the other evenings, only access to the 18-year-old is expected.

Q. What is the refund policy?
A. From early November to mid-December: total refund of tickets. From December 15th to December 26th: 50% refund of the ticket. No repayment of the tickets is expected from December 26, 2017.
If you can not participate, you may transfer your ticket to another person, but only after having agreed with the management of the room.

Q, Do I have to bring printed tickets to the event?
A. It is better to have a hard copy with it. It's not mandatory.

Q. Is my registration fee or ticket transferable?
A. If you are unable to participate, you may transfer your ticket to another person, but only after having agreed with the management of the premises.

Q. The name on my ticket or registration does not match the name of the person you are attending, is it a problem?
A. If the Management was not Informed BEFORE the ticket submission at the entrance may be a problem. If you can not attend the event you can transfer the ticket, but only after you have agreed with the management of the venue.


Access Control:
As a result of international situation, Old Fashion has a policy of access control through metal detectors at the entrance of the club run by qualified staff.
It 's also implemented a visual check of the contents for bags and backpacks and the latter are required to be deposited in the cloakroom at the entrance.

The introduction of gas can for self-defense is NOT ALLOWED.


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