Tuesday 3October 31st  2017
Halloween : IT

Tuesday October 31, 2017
from 09.00 pm to 05.00 am, come to "float" in the world of IT ( Pennywise ) at Old Fashion Milano.
Choreographies, scenographies and visuals
devoted to the most disturbing characters of Stephen King's pen, the master of contemporary horror.
21:00 hrs: Opening restaurant
22:30: Opening Club
00:30 hours: IT (dancers performance by Night Project)
Entrance: 20 € with drink
tables Privee from 200 € with Champagne or Distilled Bottle
The theme costume is welcome.

If you are curious about Halloween

Halloween in Italy

Halloween is one of the most heard evenings in Milan. Appeared in the city towards the end of the 1980s, thanks to the models ( mostly were Americans in those years ) that celebrated it in the most trendy clubs in the city, it quickly spread even among the Milanese families towards the mid 90s. At that time, Halloween was a sort of "milan carnival" that attracted people from all over the rest of Italy. In the beginning of  2K it has spread throughout the peninsula to enter among the most important events to celebrate all together.

Origins of the feast
Halloween, in Anglo-Saxon culture, has an ancient and rooted origins in the Celtic traditions of Samhain, which represents the "end of summer ".
According to the calendar in use at that time ,in the English archipelago, the New Year's Eve fell on October 31, concluding with the end of summer.
In 840 the Catholic Church instituted the celebration of the Feast of Ognissanti on November 1, with the intent to overlap it with the pagan festival to exorcise it from popular culture.
The association of the party with death was not present in the first manifestations, but seems to have been soured in a second period, under English influence.
When Protestantism abolished the feast of Ognissanti, it remained the original celebration that grew into the secular night of Halloween.
Celebration was exported to the USA by Irish.

Name Halloween
The word Halloween is a Scottish variant of the full name All Hallows' Eve, which translates to "Night of All Sacred Spirits", that is, the Eve of Ognissanti
Among the first works on Halloween are those of the Scottish poet John Mayne, who in 1780 noted both the Halloween jokes and the supernatural  associated with the night and the Bogies , influencing Halloween poetry by writer Robert Burns

Trick or Treat
There is an English nursery taught to elementary children about this custom: "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat"
The practice of masquerading dates back to the Middle Ages, and is based on the late-morning prayers of alms, when the poor people went door to door to Ognissanti ( November 1 ) and received food in exchange for prayers for their dead on the day of commemoration of the dead ( November 2 )


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