Summer 2017

August 2017  : Milano summer time
Even this year, as always, Old Fashion is open all month of August.

We started to remain open all month in August since 2010, following the rhythms of a city that was deeply modifying.
The shutters down the shops were more and more a reminder of another historical period and Milan was rapidly getting into the big European metropolis that is today.
The arrivals of foreign tourists increased, and the need to offer a place to stay in the evening became more and more pressing.
Today it is widely distributed among all categories and Old Fashion, as a representative venue of Milan as a Historical venue for both the Milan City Council and the Lombardy Region, can not rule out staying open.
Obviously, it is necessary to coincide the commercial needs of the venue with the sacred right of its employees to take a few days off.
That's why the Old Fashion restaurant closes from the second week of August to reopen the last week of the month.

The Club is always open from 10.30 p.m. untill 05.00 a.m except on Tuesday night.
If you are passing by, if you prefer to spend August in the city and holidays at other times of the year, remember Old Fashion is open.
Good August to all.




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