Dj Whoo Kid

 June 11 2017  DJ Whoo KID
Sunday June 11 one of most famous Hip Hop DJ: DJ WHOO KID Official Dj 50 Cent & G-Unit 

On the third date of PRIME Culture ( the new concept that utilizes the performance of many artists such as Djama, Dj Traccia, Dj Julius Funky and Dj Frank Jimenez as resident, or recurring guests) We enjoy one of the most famous names in the world of 'Hip Hop:

DJ Whoo Kid official DJ 50Cent and G-UNIT
DJ Whoo Kid, is an American Hip HopDJ. has been working with 50 Cent for more than a decade. Born and bred in Jamaica, Queens, he cut his teeth at the street level in the late '90s, a major part of that being his relentless presence on the mixtape circuit.
You couldn't go anywhere in NYC without hearing exclusives from DJ Whoo Kid, whether it was a collaborative tape with Stretch Armstrong, or something by 50 Cent and G-Unit. 
Whoo Kid has since moved on to bigger ventures, including a primetime slot on Sirius XM Radio , as well as traveling around the world for DJ gigs, all off the strength of his mixtape days.
Several of his successes feature 50 Cent and other G-Unit members, which makes sense considering his close ties to the crew.
But also included are gems from Mobb Deep, Nipsey Hussle, Max B, French Montana, and more.


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