Our à la carte menu

The menu conceived by  Chef Gilberto Baroni for your evening is inspired by the tradition of Italian cuisine . Considering that many decide to dine at Old Fashion to spend the rest of the night, the dishes are meticulously maintained, but high digestibility and without using spices or flavorings too rich as taste , like garlic, onion and similar.
The best compromise between a great culinary experience and a social evening.

Our proposal for your dinner  à la carte menu


Rolls of salted meat from Trentino with Montasio D.O.P. flakes € 12,00
Salad of octopus and potatoes* € 12,00
Phyllo basket dough with a mélange of vegetables € 12,00
Sea scallops au gratin baked* € 12,00
Risotto with pears and Taleggio cheese from the valley € 12,00
Calamarata* € 12,00
Pappardelle pasta with asparagus cream* € 12,00
Strigoli pasta with lobster tails and julienne zucchini* € 12,00
Salmon sliced steak with pink pepper and mint € 22,00
Prawns à la flame* € 22,00
Sliced beef with parmesan slivers and arugula salad € 22,00
Tenderloin old style € 22,00
Spicy potatoes baked €  5,00
Grilled mixed vegetables €  5,00
Mixed salad of the season €  5,00
Cooked cream with strawberries €  8,00
Nougat parfait €  8,00
Lemon sorbet €  8,00
Sliced seared pineapple baked with cinnamon €  8,00
Strawberry Cup €  8,00

* the products may be frozen