What are cookies?
Many Web sites collect  information about your activity on the site. This information is  in a text file known as "cookie", which is stored on your PC.
In order to ensure you have the best navigation possible, our site offers the best performance with cookies enabled. Thanks to cookies can remember you when you come on our site and gives you faster browsing and suitable for you.


  • Additional data are stored only if your express consent, such as when you provide information to a request for a test drive.
  • Cookies can not cause damage to your computer, also we select very carefully all the third-party vendors that can set cookies for marketing purposes.

Types of cookies used on this site:

The cookies used on this site are based on the guidance of the International Chamber of Commerce, for the categories of cookies. Discover below all the details:

  •  Category 2: Cookie of "Performance"
    These cookies collect information about how users use the site, such as which pages are most visited, rather than any error messages that you receive from web pages while browsing.
    On this site you are used the following cookie Category 2:
    Google awards.com
  •  Category 1: Cookies "Strictly necessary"
    These cookies are necessary to allow you to browse the site and use its features, such as access to areas "certified" site. Without these cookies certain services can not be provided, such as "Contact US".
    Cookie "Strictly necessary" in the form of pages as "Contact Us" and "reservation". This information is automatically deleted at the end of each session.

  • Category 3: Cookie "Functionality"
    These cookies allow the site to "remember" the choices made by you (such as your user name, language or the region where you are) and then provide more complex functionality and suitable for you. For example, a site might be able to provide weather information and traffic news by storing in a cookie the region in which you are currently located.
    These cookies can also be used to "remember" the change you made to the size of the text, the font to use and other features customizable web pages. They can also be used to provide a service you requested, as view a movie. The information these cookies collect may be anonymised and they can not track your surfing on other websites.
    In particular, this site uses cookies to category 3 in form as  reservation list  in order to store the details entered, so that when you see a new form as a  reservation list , the details previously entered are remembered. This information is automatically deleted at the end of each session.
  • On this site you are used the following cookie Category 3:  

  • Category 4: Cookie of "profiling" or "Advertising"
    These cookies are used to display advertisements relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times that displays a single commercial as well as to assist in measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. They are usually placed by advertising networks with the permission of the website operator. Keep track of your visit to the site and this information is shared with organizations such as advertising agencies. Cookies profiling, or advertising, are often linked to site functionality provided by third-party companies.
    On this site we use the following cookies to category 4:

As for the Google Analytics service , we have been set the option to anonymize the IP and requested "not to cross the information gathered with others that already have"

Cookie settings

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