Information on privacy and data processing system VCR.
Pursuant to and in compliance with the provisions relating to privacy regarding the use of video surveillance systems ( VCR ) closed loop in use at Old Fashion srl is stated that the company Old Fashion respects all the rules for your  and  employees protection , in particular:


Proportionality - Lawfulness - Privacy - Privacy - Conservation

  • The use of video surveillance devices, as well as being in conformity with the decision of the Authority, it also complies with other regulations that protect the image, domicile, the personal dignity of users, while also observing the limits that the Workers' Statute ( Lg. 300/1970 ), puts the remote control business to workers.
  • Specifically Old Fashion respects:
    the obligation of disclosure: since April 29, 2011, are exhibited information boards whenever a video surveillance system is active even during the night, and even in these hours will have to be visible.
  • Obligation to indicate the controller of the data, and the duty to indicate with a visible sign the cases in which the recording systems are connected with the public security authorities; ( In case of ) intelligent video surveillance or combination of personal data is the obligation of prior verification by the Authority of guarantee.
  • Adoption of security measures for the treatment and storage which the differentiation of roles among the staff handling data, the non-duplication of data and images, to adopt procedures that provide for the immediate and automatic deletion of data at the end deadlines for the conservation, the adoption of cryptographic techniques for the transmission of data regarding the captured images.
  • Notification organ warranty and DPL territorial systems adopted for video surveillance. the maximum periods of retention of scanned images that can not remain in the availability of the company more than 24 hours of detection