Friday night


The future is no longer what it once was, he quoted the scientist and writer Arthur C Clarke , referring to the fact that the futuristic vision of the new generation was changed so as not to have feedback with prospects of past generations.

But today, what remains of that way of perceiving what was their future and that is our present? An evening in a club must always be a new experience. The MOD format is only the container of a series of events from time to time different that characterize the various appointments. The Go-GO Dancers, appointments with the themed "Fiat 500" or "Morris Mini Minor" era, Motorcycles Triumph, Vespa or Lambretta, as well as art installations inspired and more, will always be in ambush.


Chris Martinetti - Martin Jay
Live Music :  Marcello Turcato


Opening :
09.00 p.m. - Restaurant
10.30 p.m. - Club
00.30 - Priveé
Closing : 05.00 a.m.

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